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King I mean in Essex. Back Rings would've me. Back. ME TV of the morning, fellow stop in the morning. What he? Yell the Ray Robinson fight is good. Don't forget I. Confuse it last time which wanted to Fox brothers. Who've Crawford Cafe? What is? Fox Right now. He could find Macau, but that would be. We criticizing Burma moving up from forty for that. Is He. Is he the McCallum Michael, but his spell funny, sure sure. I mean the is a good fight. You know what I'm saying based on the strength that you thought. cover loss than me. Rob I mean listen. I'm with Andre Ward on the fact that I. Think he should fight and I know he's not going to get. A good name for the money he want. We don't expect them to fight Danny. Garcia Mikey Garcia guys. Right, but give us something. That top-ranked got a lot in Nesta. I told you Bob. Oh you some bread for them. Consultation fees because I like that layout pretty much. Outside of that man that interview a blue nose. I just wanted to ask him and everybody pretty much asked him. He said he saw something fragile boom. Let me say this I hope I. Don't get cut, but I think that the fact that and I'm saying it's brick. City made right, but the fact that Chicago got somebody got him holding umbrellas looking crazy like a deer in headlights. That says something to me, too. That's my call. I was young man I was young. You know what I mean. And there was people influential in my life. At that time you know has tag. Mob tars right so. The same way I can picture me and I'm going to. I say. But I could. You Not Beaver Union India and. You know. subconsciously. More than four dudes in a hot tub, not being gay because you're in a resort and that's what the hot tubs odds like dude outside with the girl like that. You know what I mean so I could see all these scenarios. I can't just say Oh. He was holding James Prince Umbrella. So pump Nah 'cause. You know I was a little. Do you know coming up? That wanted to be? Let's say a recognized by by the the the top dog. And I would do I will put a network, and that's what he's doing Sydney. and. You know ready to put in work do do we need to be being a riches he is. About absolutely.

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