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This jets roster p and you can't help but think a less than they were a bad call away from a foreign to store if they had won that game against the new england patriots and sephiri in jenkins touchdowns stood up i definitely think this team is perhaps just a good starting quarterback away from being able to compete if you invest enough of first round pick in a quarterback they're going to go through some bumps and bruises i don't know general manager mike mccarron and todd bowles or on the hot seat for good portion of this year can necessarily for another year a way for developing a quarterback this team is closer to being a win now team i think than a project myself a lot of holes in cousin scares me any idea of you know paint him twenty million dollars a year i think that he's good enough to be a championship contender of your pain that much to him because he's one of those guys that needs y'all strong defense run game he needs everything else to be in place and he might have all those things went to jeff's the defense goes further along and a lot of people thought on certainly sitting there at the number six pick went to just be able to you know it depends where assay kwan barkley perhaps pulled he might be the running back of the future for the jets if he ends up falling out of the top fives and ended up being available for the jets at number six but quite frankly i think the jets or one or two moves away on defense whether that's in the draft or free agency from being able to contend i think are they may have the opportunity to move muhammad wilkerson if not caught him this year uh but with all that being said i i think the jets are further along the process it quarterback might just stall a quarterback chicken in the draft rather might just stole this process a little bit more.

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