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This was a paid that that corridor would not be done ever but now the governor's office kinda made it a official they said no we're not going to be able to fund this for now the project between the marquette and the zoo is done and i want i think i think you're right prized by piggott advocate impactful i know there's been a lot of work on by mail may be an hour in the running out of a houston taken a surprising cabela's fee and allowed into it will who's pointed this product were allies of guy walker and for whatever reason because he wanted to find out a product wanted to say he didn't want to support this one that was up at the private when compact will because you run a lot of traffic through that area and also cattle leading to the zoo interchange reinvented millions and millions of dollars out there so i think they'll come back to it not for a while and at that point you know i think of our of our free wave i'll be the more can get that every day so be it see how the kinda watch donna pierce the editor in chief of the milwaukeebusinessjournal marquess before we let you go a couple of mall questions want to throw at you the first one at mayfair so mayfair mall planning an interesting new addition to the shopping center what are they propose in there at the corner there have highway one hundred of north america vehicle looking at a iin hotel widow the price of a few otell only in that area rate but you know tell that mall throughout the country at another way ball have to reinvent themselves a dry and people that we have a hotel there maybe get more and bension more kinda more meeting people end up at the mall hotels another way to really try and grab traffic it waiting to see how it plays out again the other hotels already in the region now the not allow people travel only only boy mayfair horse so it just another way to try surviving a tough tough environment out for all retailers and then there's this dispute a movie theater or not a movie theater coming to the coroner this is that new shopping area in brookville their off a blue mountain near barker it's a great little area great shops there they want to add a movie theater to the.

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