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What do you want the audience to be looking for later today at crtv dot com well i think if you're like me you'll definitely want to see paul apostle of christ after the discussion that steve had about that if you're like me i don't know i don't have any desire to see a roseanne but i think we had a really interesting discussion because there's really sparked people who aren't are who have different opinions about what this show means is you know is it going to she now going to be back in the conversation to the ellen is for example it remains to be seen i i don't know that's a great thing if if roseanne is but i also think that if her show is done right it will offer the american people potentially something worth watching just don't make this indie you know your new political idol too late so if you want to watch today's crtv crtv show promo code dais dac that will give you not just access to our show and all the shows you've ever done here for crtv but every single show from the great one mark levin right on down crtv dot com promo code dais is how you can get access to crtv today now of course it is a theology thursday here on our podcast and we've been doing this theme of episodes this week senator around holy week so of course theology thursday in holy week is a perfect marriage and this week we're going to tackle really the most important question theological point i would say in the history of mankind you know we do worldview any day in every day anyway because as we said the other day world view is essentially the basis for everything i mean other than other than the creator.

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