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Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. 7 45, what's going on, rob Woodford? Well here's what's going on in the wizards and capitals did their playoff hopes no favors today. The whiz now just a game, a half game in front of the bulls for that last play and spot in the east. They took a one O two 82 beating in Chicago in which the Wiz made only 21% of their threes west on sale junior. I thought we had a lot of open threes, generate some good looks, but she goes 6 for 28, you know, it's a tough night. And you can't leave a lem free throws on the board. So when we do get to the line, we're making aggressive plays downhill. Got a capitalized. And that was after the capitol took a 7 four beating in Buffalo and like many of their 7 losses in their last 8 games, this one was costly, Peter laville. Teams are hanging around inside the race where you're trying to push so there's a couple of games where you go back there that a lot of importance today was one of them. Yeah, the loss has Washington only two points behind buffalo for the last wild card and there are three teams between them all of whom have the tiebreaker advantage over the capitals. Better news at Maryland, the turf screws to a 75 59 win over northwestern. They make senior day a success for one senior jameer young, who led the way with 18 points. It included a highlight reel dunk and a buzzer beating three to give Maryland the lead at halftime, the terps finish up 5 and three against ranked teams this season and to answer your earlier question Ralph yes, the terps are second in the Big Ten of an 11 and 7. This would give me pause. Zero 11 and 7 in conference, they share that record though with northwestern Indiana and Michigan, all of whom Maryland beat head to head this season, ergo, they have the tie breaker over those three teams. Conversely, Georgetown is actually dropped 13 in a row against ranked foes. They lose 88 68 to number 20 Providence, that's a streak that dates back to January 2020, and a national spring training split results in split squad pledge, Josiah gray, a solid inning in the nets 5 6 three lost to the mets. Riley Adams keyed a three two win over the Astros with a second inning home run. Rob woodfork, WTO sports. Rob, thank you. 7 47 now at WTO. New at this hour, Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky, has fired a senior military commander helping lead the fight against Russian troops. This is in the country's embattled east, Ukrainian authorities have conducted a series of anti corruption searches and crackdowns across the country. It's not clear if the move is connected in a one line decree. He announced the dismissal of Edward muscala as commander with a joint forces of Ukraine who remain engaged in battles in the Donbass region, Moscow had been in the post since March of last year, shortly after the Russian invasion, and for new crew members are getting ready to fly to the International Space Station. This in an early morning launch tomorrow from the Kennedy Space Center, the SpaceX dragon crew is led by commander Steve Bowen, one of two Americans to serve as a sub Mariner and fly in space. He tells CBS News the operational difference is huge, a submarine crew, for example, is in complete control while on the space station. We don't operate it directly on orbit for the most part. It is operated from the earth and the science is run from Huntsville, and each of the mission control centers around the world contributes to the operation. But when flew three space shuttle missions in three years to help build the station, performing 7 spacewalks. This is the first time he stayed there to live and work. Peter king's CBS News at the Kennedy Space Center.

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