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In Madison County is how teenage girl has died. Chris davis. It was a head on wreck. Last night says sheriff Scott Mellanby happened about a mile south of Anderson on state road one zero nine police aren't sure why. But the girl swerved into the path of a car that was in the northbound lane while she was going south they hit. She died at the scene. The driver of the other car was taken to the hospital. The Madison County fatal crash team is looking into it. Chris Davis, Ninety-three WIBC mobile news. You may have seen them on the roads and city streets training for their next meat, but it can be dangerous for high school cross country runners one student from Hamilton southeastern was hit by car yesterday. I'm John Herrick the fishers police department says it happened on oleo road in front of fall creek junior high school when the driver didn't see the runner crossing the street and hit him officer say the driver later stopped and his cooperating with police the student was taken to a nearby hospital where he's recovering he was running during a team practice when it happened. No one else was hurt. John Herrick Ninety-three WIBC mobile news. It's been since twenty twelve sin someone in Marion county has died of the West Nile virus. But the health department says someone has in fact died from it. It's also the only confirmed human cases of the West Nile virus reported in Marion county this year. Well, even with as little as a quarter inch of rain the sewers here in Indy can back up and cause. A lot of raw sewage to spill into the cities rivers and streams, but a two billion dollar construction project to fix that problem is halfway done. I'm Eric Berman on the near north side twenty eight miles of tunnel from Southport to Meridian Kessler will all but eliminate in these products. You're overflows citizens energy CEO. Jeffrey Harrison says there are on pace to finish in two thousand twenty four gain New York about four hundred million dollars under budget. Monarchy point four million dollar projects were also early today. Maybe as much of the year ahead of schedule. I ten miles up to just south of soil stadium are up and running another four miles have been dug, but still need to have concrete liners.

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