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Hurd down and thirteen for the eagles and up to one so it's good to see number ninety five big chris jones back in the lineup as well exhorting this crowd to help them thirteen thirteen tied on 23 to go in again free by wa coverage on their side on john jaso looks like they're gonna throw a skrela has it france take this season buried question i second chance yes just mentioned gone over seven quarters without a defensive qinglin you know that's been the mantra for this team in the first four years of andy reid and bob certainly defensive coordinator and then a pass that was ricocheted off the helmet of justin houston was intercepted by chris jones and it allowed the trees to have a short field opportune and then cashing in on a shovel past travis kelsea took it in on the fifteen yard shovel past keep in mind zach fulton came to play center on that first play on the shovel pass away right over its tail for the touchdown but the defense he play the defense of take away on the interception by chris jones the first of his career the ends up being a giant play that turned the game and the chiefs could a victory twenty seven to thirteen over the philadelphia eagles the chiefs also had five sacks of carson wentz in this game a hardfought victory but of exam played offensively are ahca health midwest turning point play of the game now let's go back to art haines at the fox and if filled us and this update brought to you by crown royal being generous as being safe crowd royal canadian whisky lived generously add life will treat you royally please drink responsibly everything is final nail the noon central time starts one.

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