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One Issa temples, Leah quarter center, The Hope is to open them seven days a week. Beginning September. 29th Commission chair Lisa Daly says the goal is to ease anxiety about male and voting voter will actually have contact with election personnel and hopefully that will give them that level of confidence. They need to trust the mail in ballot and to go and have their vote. Kass and their voice heard for November. The proposal was announced one day after the state Supreme Court cleared the way for mail in ballot drop off. Ruling in a suit brought by Democratic State officials. City Committee chair Bob Brady says the ruling should benefit both parties. We fought for everybody's right and it's beyond me how Republicans fight that They don't want people vote. They want to suppress the vote. We call them out on that at City Hall, Pat Lobe K Y. W News radio. A new reality life in a pandemic. Now the latest from K Y W NewsRadio, sheep easily accessible and easy to use. Covert 19 tests could significantly stem the spread of Corona virus. But AH Harvard researcher who's been pushing for better public health planning, says the federal red tape is thick. Whateveryou suburban bureau chief Jim Mel. What reports Harvard epidemiologist Michael Menace as the primary code 19 test is graded what it's designed for diagnosing illnesses. But, he says with covert 19 By their nature. PCR tests are not so great at identifying people when they're infectious, in many cases, not catching them till after they're contagious. So instead, once the test that will allow me to to test the most people the most frequently if my goal is to use testing as a way to remove people who are infectious from the population, and that's where these rapid auntie gin tests really start to shine. Menace says. There are more rapid test coming out. The FDA bureaucracy is easing a bit. Is there now talking about how to move forward with public health focus testing ministers for test to be Most Effective, The federal government should pick up the tab. We all want to be safe when we walk around, and so by giving our neighbors tests we become safer ministers. Better testing would let a lot more business is reopened. So even a $100 million price tag would be pennies compared to the federal stimulus money that's been paid out because of Cove. It At the suburban bureau Jim MEL WORK KOW NewsRadio breaking News on K Y W NewsRadio. Recap our top story. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at the age of 87. Ginsberg was a towering women's rights champion who became the court second female justice, the court says Ginsberg died earlier today of complications from pancreatic cancer at her home in Washington. Ginsberg announced in July she was undergoing chemo chemotherapy treatments for lesions on her liver, the latest over several battles with cancer. Ginsberg spent her final years on the bench as the unquestioned leader of the court's liberal wing and became something of a rock star. To her admirers. Young women especially seemed to embrace the court's Jewish grandmother, affectionately calling her the notorious RBG. Just Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 87 years old. The Philadelphia School board has approved a tax break for the developers of the former Philadelphia EnergySolutions refinery site is Kate would've used Mike DiNardo reports. The recent vote was a reversal of the board's position from last month. Progressive Community members applauded last month when the school board with three no votes failed to sign off on a Keystone Opportunity zone designation for the refinery site. But last night the tax break past seven nothing with one abstention. Board member Maria McColgan pointed out that under a payment in lieu of taxes agreement, Hilco Redevelopment Partners would pay 110% of what it would oh, in real estate taxes. I'm having a hard time understanding the Opposition based on the dollars. I mean, the school district is going to make out much better. Actually. Board member Mallory Fix Lopez last night changed her vote to yes, after Hilco pledged to provide job opportunities to district graduates. But she expressed concerns about the influence of mostly white trade unions. I think it's fundamentally definition of systemic racism, and we have an opportunity with this to make it big change, Mayor Kenny Back the chaos Zedeck zig Nation. Mike Dean order. Okay? What? Beverly News radio. Traffic jammed west on the Scougall. We'll have an update in just a few minutes when we check traffic. It's 809 just the fax none of the noise.

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