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Lanes are open there Only the ramp was blocked and traffic southbound is moving pretty well briefly slow at the Aquaman We're good to go on 66 in both directions Bob inward of WTO traffic Now storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter It was a warm afternoon with high temperatures almost 10° above average for this time of the year with the increasing clouds this evening is not going to cool off very quickly It's going to stay mild to the 50s for the most part for the next several hours Under mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight lows will be in the mid 40s That's not too bad for this time of the year A cold front approach in the area will touch off a passing shower towards the morning rush and then behind the front tomorrow a mixture of clouds and sunshine breezy and relatively cooler but just back to more seasonable levels highs will be in the low to mid 50s Friday will be partly sunny It does look brisk and unseasonably chilly day Highs will only be in the mid to upper 40s And then increasing clouds on Saturday with a warm front milder chance of a shower upper 50s to near 60 I'm store team four meteorologist my Ritter Manassas now at 54° metro center 55 Frederick Maryland 52 and some parts of our area heading down to the 40s overnight It's 7 30 This is WTO P your source for today's top news traffic and weather Always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO never miss a moment Good evening I'm demetri sodas And I'm Michelle bash Alicia abelson is at the producer's desk wired by IBW local 26 Now recruiting experienced electricians to join their ranks just ahead Ukraine's largest cities under heavy fire from.

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