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I'm your host wide career back for my fourth and final segment of today's show. I'm gonna get through the rest of these preseason games the rest of my takeaways from the full weekend sleet. And then we've got wyatt's fantasy corner coming up some fantasy sleepers to look out for on your draft boards this fantasy season before the regular season starts some guys. You really wanna look. Look for when you're going on in. You've you don't know who to pick. So so the kency chiefs. They beat the san francisco. Forty niners nineteen to sixteen on sunday. Pretty impressive game overall. Top to bottom Trae lance. he was five for fourteen. The rookie quarterback of north dakota one. Who's been getting more and more reps with the first teamers as training camp gone on. Jimmy garoppolo is still defended the starter but trae lance five or fourteen hundred. Twenty eight yards heated touchdown a little bit of good and bad because it started off. He was slain. The ball round headed early dropped to brandon. Euch on an a nice rollout throw with a lot zip on it but overall cow. Shane has to be licking his chops. After seeing some of these throws trains made. I mean this d play action plan where lands was ruled back. I think fifteen maybe ten fifteen yards and just unlock unleashed a bomb to Trent sherfield who was able to get the defense and trillions really. Put it in a great spot. He was open. How good amount of separation. But you still have to deliver the ball on a rope fifty yards and i'm just not sure if jimmy garoppolo can make that throw so that is why i really think cal shanahan saw this game and really was just looking his chops at what he can possibly do with your love once. He gets the key to that offense because it's going to be very impressive. Obviously a lot of kinks tour out in his game. I need five for. Fourteen is not a great number but he showed the flashes and he showed what he could do with potentially more talent on the field and this whole reason the trillions was brought in to san francisco was because jimmy garoppolo couldn't complete those big plays down the field. And this looks like what trae lance thrives doing completing plays with his big arm down the field. So i love the play design to if you if you haven't seen that yet i mean cow shannon's play action plays or just unfair to be honest. They get the whole defense moving one way and guys just opening up down the field going the other way and trailer lead. Seems like he'll just thrive in this type of offense with cow shannon and it's actually very similar to what he was running at north dakota state so it seems like he's very comfortable can arm strength just seemed effortless for him I really think that he is ready for more reps. With the starters and similar to justin fields. i really could see him with a russell. Wilson type preseason scenario if shanahan. Let's it play out. Gives him more and more reps as it goes on and if trillions takes advantage of those opportunities give it to them give him the starting job but if he doesn't you've got jimmy garoppolo and you've got a pretty nice backup plan in jimmy g. guy can lead you to super bowl at least that much but again that's my main takeaway is that shanahan just has to be eager to get trillions on the field. But they're going to manage this similar to how all these teams are manager managing their expectations and managing this developmental process with the rookie. Quarterback's but trae lance i still. I still see him starting a game this year. I knew early this week. Shane in said that. We're going to see him in some packages in some specific plays but i see him star game at some point in. Twenty one We saw patrick mahomes for a series. Nothing really to take away. Their clyde edwards hilarious had a nice run. Who i think he's going to have a great season. Pretty boring game but Impressive showing from trae. Lance and chad henny chiefs. He made some nice throws so chiefs. Beat the niners nineteen sixteen. The seahawks lost the raiders in vegas. Twenty seven my base. take away. just it's great to see the las vegas new stadium allegiance stadium packed. I mean that's just an incredible incredible stadium incredible piece of architecture. I was in vegas early this summer. I drove by and it's insane. It looks like a little literal spaceship from star wars. So we had nathan peterman throwing the ball a lot for las vegas. No marcus mariota. No derek carr and the peterman. He's still in las vegas china ernest starting gig and the thing was he was throwing some great great balls. I mean two hundred forty six yards had interception but gruden was really letting him sleep. Hit a few really nice nice passes. Some one of them should have been touched was ended up being down towards the one yard. Line but nathan peterman. He can still sling it even though he might not be. It's going to be probably be a practice team for the rest of the year and the seahawks. They barely played anyone. But you can't let nathan peterman tear that defense up but nothing nothing really else to take away From that co las vegas game in the battle of the los angeles is game. The rams lost the chargers thirteen six another very weird score. Bryce perkins the third string quarterback out of uva for the rams he showed some athleticism heated pretty impressive play with a stiff arm and then a hurdle But my biggest takeaway is just a fight. That broke out in the stands. It was so funny There was one guy in aaron donald years. I think he was rams fans fighting. Rams fans is pretty funny. But i would have been better if it was rams fans fighting chargers fans because normally i think it's it's a pretty common occurrence in at football games for fans be fighting the standards but it's normally.

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