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I was fortunate at the store i purchased it online i i went online got there it was the only one left and people were yelling kind of like what's going on do you at eight this morning where they all go and hadn't ordered online paid for it would have been out of luck a lot of folks say it's not hot enough yet to get the air conditioner or not yet not yet and then you get to a situation like this and then you have to put it in during the heat it's gotta be a bummer because you have to keep the window open for a while you gotta you gotta go get it you gotta like an upstairs is this you folks is as you can unlock it upstairs you can take out of the box if it works generally i i haven't all done by springtime ali air conditioner filters clean you we wanna clean you filter can make a distinct difference i being a person who has has asleep in the day i want it dark cool so i've i've taken extraordinary measures to keep my place doc and cool one thing you can do and i did and i found it to be excellent is there's a type of film you can put over on the window which keeps a certain percentage of sunlight out it's kind of like sunglasses for your windows still seattle fine if you're totally forget it's there it's it's works great that takes some of the light and the heat out then you get sunblock shades white change the clock son also keep the heat at bay big help and what else oh yeah just make sure your air echinacea's position so that it's an window they'll do the maximum good fans help get air moving around very helpful fans as some folks in my family who are old and they need air conditioning and fans you need to watch out for people keep an eye on him keep him hydrated because they could they could get really dehydrated and have kidney failure i could pass out keep an eye on them and the thing they say about checking on your neighbor is true really do it and then have a plan for if they need something be prepared to do it it's a it's a least you can do it's kind of your duty if you have a mother or something go take care of her it's your duty and here's this too i saw i saw a woman walking white dog with big long hair the hamlets have been six inches long was kind of like a kind of like a miniature husky white i don't know what you call them and she's walking outside in the sun with his dog and i just think it's i think that's kind of animal abuse yeah i get it the the animals hairs beautiful but i think they ought to get a haircut for this heat it's not healthy for them to be in this heat with long hair like that i think probably the smaller the dog the more fragile they are and you ought to be careful make sure that you gotta make sure they have water and they stay stay in an air conditioned place this is you get two or three days into a heat wave like this to get serious i don't know if you're able to get out if you're out right now fans go for a walk and you walk by brick building put your hand in that building right now is it was still feel like the bricks from a fireplace after the fire i was pretty blown away i walked a little bit to work just a little bit to get to the bus and i put my hand on a building that had recently been in the sun and was shocked at how hot it was also cooking in the kitchen not good another hint led lights runway cooler than regular lights a lightbulb especially one hundred one up a lot of heat and it's counterproductive you can get real cheap led lamps to run at times like this that we'll keep you cooler what else that'll do it keeps them kind of lights down and if you still feel hot it's going to be way hotter if you standing up then if you sit down and if if you really want to be cooler sit on the floor now for people in big houses this stuff's not not as important because you can open windows and.

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