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Is not your own. He's in fact. Jason an explanation for two other all right after. I told him that. I wasn't interested in his gifts. I said to him you know. Why did you waste my time. You didn't think that i'd figure out that you're not jerome right. And he's like. Yeah but you told me that you like black guys. So i had to tell you that. I was black guy for you to like me. And he's like well. Will you give me a chance. Can i still take you. Rollerblading already. Jason momoa elliott. But i've got this guy over here randy and he's got pretend these jason imola because otherwise but you said you were jason momoa chocolate kind of look like them or lemonade. Wanted to do the trick. You white cloth. I this truck come come here. So okay that chris hansen. What did you say i'm horny. Oh all need teach you a few things like you know some positions and moved buoying speaking rollerblading beside the chocolates. And mike's hard lebanon made this fake jerome also brought his version of rollerblades. He made it look like he had them but they were some type of shoes that he put on like murgles. He'd put together to make them look like i could see my brother looking down and he was laughing but then when he saw him take like one step towards where he put on a serious face like. I'm going to beat this guy. We'll call he put on his weight lifting her control. My horny little. Roy lewisham marble shoes like it was all fun and games until the marvel thing straight up psycho on so she after. Unfortunately i know she didn't. Her brother blocked him on all platforms. L. socks you have that person come to your house. You said that's a great point to and that's this should be for all women out there don't do with these women. Do home address sir. Lessons exactly public sewer pipe to have sex. And i went onto that website and i blocked him on there as well immediately after that encounter through that. If your daddy weird where you live. I know horrible. She threw the weightlifting brothers. Name out there a couple times. What he's showing a bachelorette everybody small. Did you not get the. I get it. But like they're all the time. Wow i know right. This is good stuff more. What show coming up for you next. Hang on so what is your will be right back would show next. La police chief. Michael moore announced that five members of the bomb squad have been removed from duty. That's because of that. Massive amount of fireworks that was season south. La back on june thirtieth upper duty getting it was then putting a containment truck and then detonate it. And you'll remember that blast injured. Seventeen people caused major property and the surrounding area. It was saying but there's some pretty big open spaces right in the middle of a residential area to any furniture store parking lot those old toy. Sr crying he's like. Oh yeah there was an air human error. Preliminary investigation showed that the amount of explosives was way too much for that containment truck to handle and exceeded the vehicles capacity. So chief moore says even though the squad was operating with the best intentions. He's holding them accountable. And that trump either way was capable of having about twenty four pounds of explosives blasted inside of it. Yeah they thought they were detonating around sixteen pounds but in reality it was about forty two so they chalked it up to human error clip from officials on the news talking about the situation. Yeah thing for greg gorey's channel. What is it balloon or whatever. Yeah ripley up throwing stuff off a building at night. Show all the same programming but in slow motion. He's still he's still out of house and home and they're living in dumping motels. Yeah exactly also. Cnbc they just came out with their list of the most expensive states to live in. They judge things everything from groceries to housing and a bunch of other factors in the most expensive state to live in. Is hawaii average home price in hawaii about one point four million dollars loaf of bread there about five bucks. Milk is about four fifty a gallon. California came in at number three as the most expensive top five being hawaii new york california oregon and massachusetts. I tell you it doesn't matter even if it's the least expensive place to live in the country still bitch there about how expensive it is right right with traffic but there is something else like people love to go on about how more expensive they are like. You know their area of town pride. Yeah it's like the yeah. They take weird sense of pride and stuff like that was true lease expensive by the way mississippi kansas oklahoma arkansas and missouri where they're all bitched about how expensive is what he show everybody. We have The phones eight seven seven forty four forty. You can send us a tax over the two nine eight seven. I have a brand new redneck news. If guys are interested of the what you show if you're an air just cuban front of a box fan. Some red mic news.

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