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You'll love it. They're ever been dogs at squat. There's been dogs at squad not at the border, if there's been what at the crawl. But I know there's definitely been one at for sure has been, yeah. You see them. Do you have a lot of good squad pictures? I have a pretty good handful of squat pictures, first few I need them in high rest. Good types. All right. Moving through to our countdowns humped. All right down one. Number three. Number three. It's Pokemon detective Pika chew you can talk to humans. And if you wanna find your pops, we're going to need. I don't need to poke him on. What about a world class detective? Clue all this Perry is still alive case closed, but still open until I solve it. The voice, that's Ryan Reynolds, deadpool himself his own death or somebody else they carries. Steve, you've course ran a superhero movie. The fantastic guardians Alexey to gardens Alexey, too. Recognized from that not really. I had a shaved head and a huge beard goggles. I. Not a fan of the Pokemon stuff, but I like them even less with a detective hat on. Fucking. We'll get you know you don't you're not charged by how soft he looks. No. I would say this, you know, if you're detective, you don't want to people that know you're looking for stuff. So maybe don't wear their to take. True where a different hat, like a chef's hat or something. Good. I mean, there early Pika CHU CHU. I know nothing hokum them on or they magic do I, they do magic by think they have to go around and collect stuff in order to do. Is that right? They just have abilities based on whichever polka mind that they are. So if you're a fire Pokemon, like the dragging we saw chart he'd has a bunch of firebase moves this one YouTube has psychic abilities. What about Pika chew trysofi does electric electric things, so while not magic per se they do have on there. Yeah nunes. All right. I often would think there are mutants among us, the inbred. I feel that I am partially inbred. I know that there was a small pool of people involved in my birth. I feel like it's not out of the question to say that I am partially inbred, or that somehow cousins were involved, gene pool. Shallow. If you want insult mation trying to share. We probably all are little bit. I'm more so. You're not inbred Yukos, would cool Steve. Let's show Steven other movie. Great down one and number two. Number two avengers endgame. Finally, not at number one. I know exactly what he could have been watching this with his two and a half hours or whatever. One minute, right? Yeah. That's right. You could fit in entire squat, milk. You can fit to squat melts into this movie. There is a squat male, just like right in the middle of movie that does take up half the move. Stop watch. Yeah. Fresh air. I'll tell you that Steve, how many shows have you done with just. It's hot or there's just not even good air quality so many. Fresh air. It's quite well. We got I like the how many times do you have someone said, you know what I like to show, but I'm gonna go out for a smoke. You're already out for a smoke. Have you ever had rain danger? No. We haven't we've only done six of them, so far. But whenever there's a threat of rain because all the shows have been outdoors, all forty eight or whatever it is, we just postpone cancel. Chills. Only two got postponed because of weather really. Yeah. It's not bad when we're here in southern California. Yeah. Don't do this shit in Brooklyn. No, not not in summertime. No, not without my legal emission. Stevie Everard lemon pizza. What why don't even know what that is? I had this, this, this past weekend lemon pizza. Have you been? Do you know what smorgasbord is smart? Been there. Yeah. So at the old America, the old abandoned American apparel factory. They got the crazy idea. Let's bring in food trucks. That's so crazy, so nuts. I, I remember.

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