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Costs alighieri got to simple formula. That is really good so you know like again. The message is clear for late as well. You're going to be working HOTTA and you're going to need a like a wide range of emotional intelligence skills to be able to be the person that your people are looking towards and if you make a mistake well let's let's look at Scott Morrison for example. You know decisive leadership. And he's putting himself out. He's willing to sort of make a few mistakes for the sake of you know moving everyone Ford for the better and I think that's probably not a bad metaphor. F- alitas out that he might be listening to. This is defrayed to be decisive and get out. They get off. Now ask the question a bad leadership and I people asking what's my definition of it and familial. I think are brought it down to this understanding that leadership is the ability to influence others to change. And so that's what I see. My responsibility is that how we were operating throughout at business. Two months ago month ago he's GonNa be vastly different for Howard operating now so my ability to influence people choosing to work here my ability get the change will be the testament mobility lay the ship and I have to accept that whatever happens in here I'll have to expect except that is complete reflection of myself and there's no hiding from that all know the results on a daily basis absolutely well Andrea. It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you today. I've really learned a lot from this conversation and and some of the cycles that you've been through and I'm sure that people listening in we'll we'll learn a lot as well what you do in. The industry is quite unite now. I haven't seen anything like over the years and I think it's it's a great vehicle and on carry heater just kicked developing it and the moment I think there are so many people who got no way to turn into they. I'm part of a group and it's lively bodyline only good value. And all the work you do Thank you thank you so much just going to ask you one last question. And that he's there was one thing that you would like people to do all an action. You would like people to take as a result of listening to this. What would it be? I would like you to examine your intent. I think it's such a critical thing. Is this all about me or is that McCain is adapt May clients? If you're in siles is a bad. My Bank account or about my clients is bat. The papal I made on a daily vices. And how I is all about. May when you take me out of the equation as what's in it for me and replace it with what's good for them you'll be rewarded talk and Tom Again. It's not a selfless act is actually the my selfie you possibly do is to look after them said well. I will be rewarded tenfold inside. Just examine your intent. That what makes you do what you do on a daily basis decisions you Mike and the actions you carry out of I for the writing team. Yeah I think that's exceptional advice. Andrew Bill. Thank you so much pleasure. Thanks thing we hope you enjoyed this episode of elevate from elite agent to download your written action guy from podcast containing extra tips links and chilled cuts visit elite agent. Elevate DOT com..

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