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I'm hi everyone, the activity back. Great to have you back. Particularly given the fact that you have written out for Richard Faye, one of the best trainers in the UK and Ireland, also the fact that you are retraining a racehorse so that will all come into play a little bit later on with a certain topic, but we'll begin with goshen. The enigma that is goshen, but is worried that argue said on the show on Thursday, but he's not on anything we go in right handed. Jamie Moore said to said on racing TV that he turned to Tom scooter more two out, which proves jockeys do talk to each other during races. You've got me. And yet Gaussian managed to rally and get the job done. What did you make of his performance overall? And for that matter, of adagio. Yeah, well, first of all, goshen was superb again, wasn't he. He's come out and one again. And he's come out and want to get encrypted session because it wasn't that long ago that he won at sand down and got back on the store sheet. So delighted for the Moors and delighted for everybody involved this horse because I think whilst they're winning, they can hopefully carry on and I think that's the momentum that he's got now goes in. I mean, he won this race and he last year by 22 lengths obviously a bit of a shorter margin. This time around, but I mean, he dictated, didn't he and he jumped, he jumped pretty well on the whole and he was just able to make all the running and yeah, never seen another rival, although the horse back in second, as you mentioned there, Tom skewed them all. Pretty confident. And he wasn't beating that far. David pike talks and I think all roads now lead to cheltenham for that horse and they seem pretty confident about his chances. So that's quite an interesting sort of thing to take from the race I thought, but yeah, I got him back on someone once again and it was great to see. Yeah. I mean, we have to put into context adagio is coming into this on the back of a 97 day break where he finished second under a welterweight in the great wood. And I believe that the stables Lake horses out for races all the time. But it was a brilliant training performance from Dan skeleton to win that race. And it had been the plan. They were working west cork to that race for quite some time. So we know what adagio is. I don't think there's any issue with what he's done. The intriguing thing about all of this is that he was 7 to one without. For the champion hurdle. He closed to 5 to one, after we talked about him on the final furlong. And Rory said, the best thing to do really is it look ocean is going to win this. So when adagio gets beaten, they'll drift them, then back. He closed the force. It's further proof. We know you're the colloquy team always listen, but we know you're listening on its compilers. And do you think that his champion hurdle claims were enhanced on the back of this virtue? Well, yeah, I mean, well, I'll say yes, because bearing in mind, I think he's pretty short price and enough as it isn't he for the champion hurdle. So he certainly sorted in price so people would think that it has enhanced his credentials and what you'd have to think of is how confident the team have come on the back of his second place behind goshen here. I mean, David parks come out, hasn't he and spoken about how all these children, they're very, very positive. I mean, all being well, he's also got to get there in one piece. And I think the fact that he has had that injury or something that held him up in the past, they are obviously mindful of how, well, he's going to go into chat and obviously monitor his training up until then. But yeah, I think for me, I get the impression that the team are very, very confident and perhaps people have taken that on board as well because his price is short enough, I'd have thought in the champion hurdle market. Yeah, best price you can get now is 16. He was 33 is not that long ago. And I've said it all along all this season that I think he's the each way back in the race. And I'm very intrigued by goshen is what goshen is. Steve pakman said that the gelding could go up in distance again next time. And possibly be switched to fences next season? Sure, Jamie Moore can't waste. Obviously he's going to be keeping to write on the tracks. And it's nice that the ability is there that the ability remains intact because sometimes you'll know this very well when horses go through phases of being hammered, you're being beaten. They'll start to down tools, or they'll start to get a little bit depressed at the fact that that's what's going on. Like you were conquering all. And now you're not. But now we know that this is always who just does not want to go left handed. It's as simple as that. He doesn't want to do that. So as you said, he beats on for someone 22 lengths in this race last year. After that they went to cheltenham, you'll remember he took the white course. It was like watching Jack recoup corn park. But the wrong rail that came over to punch us down, that didn't work. Which should have. He was tried up and trip. They've dropped him in trip and he ended up getting beaten both times at ascot 11 lengths in 18 links, respectively. He was beaten in a three runner race, but it was a lot more like it behind Bruno for storm. And then he bowls up in the stupid contenders hurdle. But this is much more like it, I think. This is a stronger race, a more solid race. And I'm delighted for them. It's great for them that he's back in the winters enclosure, but intriguing that there are two graduates of the triumph fertile goshen won't go for the champion adagio will, and I think him coming in fresh, this was his second run after a wind off. I think he's a player. I think he's a big player. And clearly, Gordon Elliott feels the same thing about Tia poo. Now we have to get his pronunciation. Somewhat right, because it varies from country to country. But I believe it's tipu. So we'll go with that. He ends up winning the red mills trial by 11 lengths. Real talk disappointed appreciated didn't line up here? I thought that he might and considering that appreciated it is the four to one second favorite for the champion hurdle. And Willie Mullins has come out and said, well, we're just going to get them ready at home. Willy's a genius. He trained penhill to win the stairs hurdle first time out. He tried Cova to win 5 mayors hurdles first time out. The first one she won had she had a prep. So 6 in total but 5 first time out. No horses ever won the champion hurdle on their season of appearance. And he was meant to go and that was chasing and that had to be aborted. So I don't like his prep and I don't like his prize. I like the horse. But in this instance, don't like his prep, don't like the way things are. Tipu was the one who got the plot. It's the best price you can get about him. Is tens. It would very few. It's there, but it's with very few. He's generally 8s. How impressed were you with tipu? And bear in mind, this is a race where hardy eustace finished second beaten ash the shortest of short heads,.

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