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And tony had clearly negotiated somewhere in her contract to not have to talk about gain than just come out in thing on break my heart by like crawling through the crowd i have laid out that others rock hard i'm tony morrison for me obviously ah yeah i mean at one i mean even though toni braxton is the person who gave me the language that i so often used to describe the man who's grimmie over which is he wasn't man enough for me that that her top that's actually lowkey my favorite tony brexit the best saw its iif l fucking guy guide had another said love song ranger she's amazing i ha i also have to go twenty morrison simply because everything she does everything she says gives me like life beyond belief like i i think she's god minds though and finally we've got france rusher friendly of its france's hough for free in toronto dan i'm really sorry um you're gonna listen to this in a in a in a couple weeks couple of days i don't know when this is going on the air but it has to be friend rusher she fashion icon in conversations are tori lee with little cam contemporary of grass fashioned the guys anti capitalist host any career yes made nasal voices beautiful big hair large heels jewish representation in the main danger anthony as an entity it it a gay wedding enacting friend terada would also choose french treasure i think question i choose everyone but for in toronto he's gone i killed him out.

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