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Before the career diplomats who deal with Ukraine discovered a shadowy power structure around president trump that was determined a conversation with former secretary of Veterans Affairs David Schulkin it's Thursday Octobber twenty four by secretaries Ecuador Dr Secretary Secretary yeah okay so I wanNA start with the email that you sent me because I think it was it was interesting you describe yourself as somebody who was fired and essentially by a tweet from the president and the that came after a a an ordeal that you went through that involved political appointees essentially undermining you and you call the experienced strangely unusually relevant these with the issue of interference by outside political influences and you specifically mentioned what happened to Ambassador Maria Vich the US ambassador to Ukraine and you said we should perhaps talk about it on the daily so here you are well at the time of course this all seemed very unique to me but as I've now been out of the trump administration for almost eighteen months I have noticed a similarity in the behavior patterns. There's a lot of talk about how the State Department seems to be Sidelined in this administration senior State Department official in charge of you crane policy George Kent told House Committee lawmakers Tuesday he was sidelined from his job news that really Tiller told congressional investigators they were quote two channels for policy making on Ukraine quote one regular and one highly irregular investigators more about how Ivanovich ultimately came benched in this entire thing how she became sideline so I want to get to that and why you think would happen to you is similar but I want to start with your story your experience with the trump administration how is it that you came to be considered for a cabinet position by President trump well I was in the Obama Administration I was a presidential appointee I was the Under Secretary of Health for the Department of Veteran Affairs I had come from the private sector where I'd been running hospitals and if I was given the opportunity to help I didn't feel like I could say no so I spent eighteen months in the Obama administration and I was watching very closely about who the trump administration would choose for its leadership positions in the va but as a political appointee of the Obama Administration I was preparing to leave like everyone else had prepared my resignation letter for January twentieth and every day I would hear that there was a new person being spent he later on as the secretary of Va and as time went on we found ourselves into January just a few weeks right before the inauguration without any idea of WHO that Secretary would be Martha we begin with the Fox's alert we're awaiting the start of that news conference and with president-elect Donald Trump his first I happen to have heard that the president elect on January eleventh was going to be giving a press conference then there's always watching a teaser on the cable networks the reporter at the very end said the president-elect may be announcing the new secretary va give her much thought if I had time because I had a very busy day I'd like to watch that see who chooses and by the way speaking of Veterans I appoint today the head Secretary of the Veterans Administration David Schulkin and will do a news release in a little while about David he's fantastic and I watched the press briefing to find out that he announced me a secretary so you'll learn that you will be secretary of the va by watching the news and the breaking news on television is literally breaking news to you yes.

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