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So what did you not see what did you see from the eagles last year that made you feel good about them beating the patriots this year or last year? I mean, you see what I'm saying? Like, what did you see that made you comfortable with that? Yeah. I mean, I'm going to have to bring my brain back to try to remember exactly what it was about the match up. I think a lot of it was there to bring pressure consistently on Brady for an entire game. What we had seen was other teams manage to put pressure on Brady and the patriots with the front line. And then not be able to have the wind and the strength and the. I guess just they they got fatigued. We saw teams not consistently keep that up down the stretch of games and ended up giving a bleeds and lose the eagles frontline was killer. And they pressured him all game, and he had incredible stats Radi. Put up into scene stats for a losing quarterback. With the eagles were good enough. And Nick foles magic you remember last year at every turn I picked the eagles. Because what I was seeing from Nick foles with refunded Niable not to say that it was better than what I saw two Brady. But as a team I believed in them. I don't unfortunately feel the same way about the Rams this year and part of that too. Is fits is that I after deciding that I was going to stop picking against the patriots this season, even as even as they struggled. I went against my best judgement, and my gut and I picked against them in on their way here and they won every time. So I just I'm throwing my hands up in the air. And I'm saying I give patriots. I think Sean McVay is great of a coach ac- is that big. It's going to be. Bella chick outsmarting him and about about Brady again. And that's the toughest part for me is this. I my analytical mind wants to say when you look at the players, and we had a Travis Rodgers on from ESPN LA today. If you missed a check it out on the podcasts afterwards, I think he's right. If you look just down the row at the names, just look at the paper. The Rams I believe are a better team in in some ways, I think there are significantly better team more talented. Let me say that there are more talented team. But that doesn't matter because Abella check, but my analytical mind says well, just because Abella check isn't a good enough answer, and I've really gone back and forth on this game. In the book on Brady is a simple one in. It's one we've all heard for years just pressure him up, the gut, and it affects them any won't be able to get things done. We've heard that for years, and he still manages to go out win at a alarmingly high rate. However, Aaron Donald is not just a defensive MVP candidate. He's an MVP candidate. I believe that Aaron Donald can affect Tom Brady. And I. Believe in Dhammika sue will have a big game because he's going to be on single coverage. So in my mind, the strength of the Rams go straight to the weakness of the patriots. The weakness of Tom Brady, I should say that they haven't given up a sack of the whole time. This has been my back and forth. The entire way at the end of the day. I have to pick somebody and I'm going to pick the Rams to win this game. And I'm picking the Rams to win this game. Because my when the talent has to mean something and because as well as they have played and is as talented as those guys are he got one game one chance to do it talent has to matter. And and this is all talent versus Bella check in my mind. The talent is just a little bit too much overcome. We know it's going to be a close game. I believe that in a close game in the fourth quarter. What do we see last time in the Super Bowl? He was Brady got the ball back and Philly made a play. I think that when Brady gets the ball back late. This defense is going to be able to make a play for the Rams defense that we've been tough on. It's gonna make a play that's going to be the difference though..

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