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He got He like he got in front of the guy. That's zero down the ground. That's because the guy went flying out of it. I basically did. Here's a lot of savvy stuff that he does like to get open small movements of its momma. If the hands are like down towards the ways you can get away with that stuff. You one of the hands are up here in your full extension. That's when you get on. Yeah you got to be subtle. You gotta be subtle ans- craftiness and that's how he's gonna win like he he's gonna. He's never going to be sick. Route runner like straight up like that guy when contested gadgets and zayn when you win in those things it's because you're doing little things you know the hand fighting down the field k and it makes you tough draws as a as a wide receiver. Great great show those. I'm super excited about brian edwards just from seeing some of those examples where he's continually winning the catch mind because he is he now the subtle. I love the lean. rowing linden. did little leaning. Because he got a one off. I kind of feel like he kinda one office knowing when he got into standard he already won he already had the inside but he he made sure he kind of to right. Both bouts us like at do yards racist. Yeah okay all right now. They need to use him degrasse to think they're gonna get him. They gotta get him more dig heavy. I think that that's where he wins. I don't do you know. Doing those leans kind of winning. And you'll get into those dig routes yet a lotta dagger you know. Yucky roundtree is going to be a lot of vertical stuff. I think because when you get in that stem into receivers right arms are the corners right on him. That's when he can use a day if he needs to lean a break anthony to do thorough by just pushed the guy back by break out or if it's no vertical and just kind of went on there that it's gonna be a lot of it's based on vertical stem. I think that's going to be his rodri- yeah So yeah but brennan definitely he needs to step up in raising start winning outside the numbers in the passing game ensure waller. Yes not just hundred zero. You know got gotta get Someone like brian words to be consistent in this offense. Yeah anything else on office before yet i mean the point. I mean the discount Rugs and then they got win. More outside on the gotta they. Did you gotta find a way to create more separation. i think come couples plays Knows guys are still right on his hip Fast these guys not as kids like that especially like on End this plano call. Nca allman as the they do the touchdown agdal last year on this play and you know car missed him Had to be tight windows. We had to be super precise within as why ended missing trying to lead them to be precise because such a tight window tight coverage a. I think i think you know he has to find a way to win more. Because he's just too fast at that guy that i feel like he's he's got to get to that point where he's separating innocence. The easy drove car on that over route so But that's the kind of the last thing i'd say 'cause even when he got knocked down like hurt his his hamstring. I mean he didn't win there either. I mean i think he's starting to get over the top of the guy because he's so fast but I mean he didn't win. You want him to win and speed pass. Somebody slyke as you need from him. But i gotta gave them more free releases i think at this point like fa find a way to get him. More free releases may become back to that cell route where he ended up getting open. I feel like they gotta come back to that. Like maybe have car seat. That have car opened up. His is to lawler. Even though you know you come back to rugs. If his gets a single high look again have that safety over waller and then just flip hips back and just toss it. That's what i should do it but brazilan talk about this because a lot of people keep on saying dicara carbon that look breed safeties in the middle of the field. That safety continues in the middle of the field post nap. Their car is not looking at the post route. Like that's now not no longer part of the progression. It's just random like ninety nine point nine percent of the time that safety just runs with the post. It's right there so it's just really random and like by chance all of a sudden now. This safety is just letting her rugs go by him. You know but you don't throw the post against cover one right so like that's why they didn't see it and also it also. I'll say you know pre snap on that play. You know car has waller three by one. Nobody's over him right and they're blitzing and he says he's thinking out and the guy over number two which is rugs taken a post on the sale right round the sale or whatever or if he was was run a post which i find interesting on that play. They ran that play. Two more times in hanoi hunter renfrew A rug never ran that play again. So the i that was interesting but But us if so when he goes in the post like to the number two guy was. I tried his online. But out of the era so The number two he's supposed to carry with rugs like since he sees waller coming he switches off just like hundred dollars like tyrod taylor matthew Wright he switches off in this time cars throw. It doesn't throw it. He sees it and he does it back down to angle.

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