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So Jason. Obviously Major League. Baseball is in a unique position compared to say the NBA in the NHL Because the season hasn't started yet. How are the challenges? Facing baseball different. Yeah that's the most fundamental difference is at. The season hasn't begun. No one knows when it'll begin. Baseball has to figure out how to play a season and that's a gigantic challenge. When you've got so many questions and really have no starting line let alone a finish line. Baseball's different in many ways There are many more games in baseball season. Baseball is played outside in large spaces. The other sports are played inside in more confined spaces. Baseball has this extensive minor league system and thousands of people thousands of players work and play inside that minor league system. That's not an issue in any other sport as a New Yorker. I'm always really hesitant to make this comparison but does any of this remind you at all when the League halted play after nine eleven. I think there are two ways similar. Our lives are different in some really powerful way and baseball doesn't matter as much sports doesn't matter as much because our lives are changed and there's so many more important things that we all have to grapple with and because of that kind of brings about the second way is everything has to stop. Everything has to stop in sports for reasons that had nothing to do with sports. It's highly unusual with nine. Eleven with Corona virus. These events are powerful and beyond our ability to control them. And so we're all just trying to assess what is our place. What is our role? What is our timetable? What is the meaning of sports at a time like this? Those are big complicated global questions. They're not the kind of questions we usually debate and a lot. It's a lot different than the kind of stuff we're used to about in our world and in the short term. What could this mean for the relations between the players and the League? When you don't know when you're gonNA play when you don't know how many games you're GONNA play. The answers to the questions are very different. Surface time determines everything ups determine salary helps determine freedom. You know Wendy become a free agent. You know the dodgers trading for mookie Betts and then for one year and then not knowing if they're gonNA play fifty games this year. These are really critical decisions that have to get hammered out. If they can't reach an agreement on these issues that is satisfactory to both sides and again we're talking about issues like who gets paid how much they get paid. How Service Time? We'll work it. If if that process doesn't lead to an agreement the players are happy with it. Just hardens the tensions and hardens those divisions. Were already there and thinking about this long term. The CBA is up next year. There's been some talk for a while now about a possible strike. What kind of impact might this delay have on those negotiations? A labor deal involves a totally different set of issues and circumstances. It's big it's it's cumbersome it's complicated and it's hard to hammer out. I still think that the odds of this getting done smoothly without a serious threat of impending shutdown. Those odds are really long. These are two sides. That don't agree on a on a whole lot. And so the danger here is that whatever agreement gets hammered out to address this situation. Leave some lasting scar. If the sport has zero revenue are player's GonNa get their full salary. I don't know the answer but that's why this is such a difficult agreement to reach again. There's a possibility that this leaves lasting scars with one side of the other more likely the players than the owners does. President trump declaring a national emergency affect player contracts? It potentially does just because there's language in those contracts that says in the event of a national emergency the clubs have the right to not honor these contracts to not pay the players. I don't think there's any scenario in which players will get paid nothing but there is potentially a scenario where players get paid a fraction of what they're normally used to earning but if there is no season or a a fraction of season and revenues therefore are zero or a fraction of what they normally are owners would expect players to work for that same fraction. And that you know that's potentially divisive issue to say the least Jason. How many games do you think realistically we could see if baseball this year? That's almost an impossible question to answer one sixty two cap more likely. What one hundred eighty fifty. I don't know and when you talk to people inside the sport who've really thought this through their concern in their planning to play as many games as they can play but they're real preparations being made for no season at all I someone what the chances of that were. And he said I don't know if they're seventy percent or ten percent but they're not zero. I was talking to one person in baseball. I use the phrase when we have this under control and this person stopped me and said you know that under control means there are no cases so just imagine this scenario. Okay we at least get the situation relatively stable in say San Francisco Dallas Atlanta New York. But there are still cases of the virus in. I don't know Kansas City Pittsburgh Washington. You remember every team has to be able to play not twenty four teams not twenty seven twenty nine teams. So I know baseball will be played again some day. Baseball will matter against some day. I take heart in that. But when is that day well finally? Jason? What will you be doing during this extended? Off-season is that what this is i. I've covered baseball long enough that I realized that. Sometimes you wake up in the morning thinking you're gonNa write about baseball and talk about baseball and then life happens. Life gets in the way. And so what do we do in those moments? You know. We're still gonNA tell stories but we're going to tell different stories and I think that's our job now? It's all completely changed. Because of the circumstances that we find ourselves in as a country there's no roadmap now we have to think about sports and think about life in a totally different way. But you know what that's what we do and we're going to do it and it's important that we do it because we need each other now more than we've ever needed each other and if our role in all this is to help keep everyone that we know and care about connected in whatever way we can then we're still doing something valuable. It's just something really different while Jason. Thank you so much. I hope you stay safe. I hope you stay connected. I hope hope we keep hearing from you during this time. Thanks to you. Stay well and stay in touch. You can stay connected with Jayson Stark and follow his baseball coverage at the athletic dot com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead the NFL offseason wheeling and dealing continued on Wednesday as the Jacksonville. Jaguars agreed to trade quarterback. Nick foles to the Chicago bears for a fourth round pick. The former super bowl winner will now compete with quarterback. Mitch Trubisky for the starting job in. Chicago might suspicion. Is this nick. Foles IS GONNA wind up being a starting quarterback for the bears Chicago bears. They're letting you know that right now. Nick foles show sooner rather than later. So you need to prepare elsewhere for Broncos cornerback. Chris Harris Junior agreed to a reported two year deal with the Los Angeles chargers while Pro Bowl Safety Malcolm Jenkins is officially out of Philadelphia and back with the team that drafted him the New Orleans saints down. In Atlanta the Falcons pride edge rusher Dante Fowler away from the Los Angeles Rams with a three year deal and the Carolina Panthers announced that the team is releasing safety. Eric Reed known by many as the first. Nfl Players to kneel with Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem. Back in twenty sixteen a mere one season into a three year extension meanwhile NBA. Commissioner Adam. Silver appeared on sportscenter on Wednesday to discuss the impact of Corona virus on the NBA. Silver noted the important and delicate role that NBA players play in the discourse around the disease. Donovan Mitchell people see him on social media or he's done public service announcements for US reminding people of the protocol when he says. Hey I'm good healthy. We got to. We have to be careful that other young people don't see that and say he tested positive. It's no big deal. Silver also defended the League against criticism from New York City mayor. Bill de Blasio. Who set on twitter? That he didn't understand how an entire NBA team. The Brooklyn Nets could be tested before quote critically. Ill patients silver said. The League was following the advice of public health officials and in a bit of inspiring news. The WNBA'S LA sparks announced a new initiative with the Los Angeles Unified School district to help combat food insecurity. The sparks will help operate sixty. Grab and go food locations around the city which provides students and their families with meals while schools are closed sparks president and COO Denisa Johnson said quote. We felt it imperative to assist Ellie. Us efforts to make sure the most vulnerable kids and families are fed. The team also committed to providing groceries to a local women's shelter and Community Action Center. That's it for today. Thanks for listening and as always remember to leave us a review and subscribe from wonder and the athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson and I'm under skelter see tomorrow..

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