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I remember that one hundred years we apart these machines and after a century uh-huh i remember that which matters we still let us make them remember gone. If your dipped phone appeared on a feared interfered veered here in declare your independence snack cochran visa zona from the v._a. People studios the exit it all cool who better better better <hes> we got dr frank. Tim bery trump report the trump before i got you there frank right okay now. I'm here there. You go there. You go there. You go. You know get stuff going on bunch of bunch of bunch of bunch of bunch of stuff. You have jackson the whole thing was going on in the economy. They're going to go to a digital currency worldwide because it makes it easier to turn you off. We have china going on see what's up with hong hong kong when trump has to say about that north korea you know hey we're out of the news for a week so we like launch something then you have russia's going you know what alex l. that debt and manufacturing going in we do military of we're spending our money not to see how much money we can spend by how many hyper sonic sonic missiles we can get and just take out your whole navy now what you know now. Oh and space is doing india's going to the moon we have. I mean there's so much stuff going on and and i'm wondering as we go into the anniversary of nine eleven. What do we got study. Proving definitely said fired it and breakdown down world trade center building seven to be released tomorrow which is like today so this all day entire empire. We've got ron paul doing an empire coming down video..

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