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This east. Sometimes it's very miserable. And I don't like it. Who would WBZ's Chris farmers along the red line in Braintree? How have things been moving this morning, Chris. Well, so far. Ben, fortunately, Stephen and the rest of the passengers era at the Braintree station happen, experienced any delays, just a minor delays on the line that was few hours ago, and that has all been cleared up. There are however delays on other lines of the train the orange line right now experiencing ten to fifteen minutes worth of delays. That's because of an earlier break down near the community, college and apparently cruiser having trouble getting equipment sent there. There's also a couple of delays on the commuter rail. The Fitchburg mind right now off schedule up to twenty five minutes because of a stretch through Lincoln, and what shoes it which is experiencing delays because of mechanical issues and the newburyport line to and from north station as delays of five to ten minutes. Now the team through at a blanket warning last night on Twitter telling folks, especially during high volume times to expect ten to fifteen minutes worth of delays and the watch out for any ice that could build up in the station on stairs. Or on the platform live in Braintree at the red line. Chris pharma WBZ Boston's NewsRadio delays are still a problem that Logan airport after the weekend storm in the ongoing cold more than one hundred and twenty flights delayed more than one hundred and thirty others cancelled today with the deep freeze over the past couple of days thousands in Rhode Island up in dealing without heat on under pressurization problem with some national grid lines in Newport, and Middletown Governor Gina Raimondo, declaring a state of emergency and says for some the problem may not be resolved for a while. This is going to be a multiday event. This this could last a week or more national greatest working to fix the problem. The governor though says anybody in a home without heat should leave a state police trooper and a tow truck driver.

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