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Careful of, right? Yeah. But also you didn't get three or four pieces of candy back then. There were no big chocolate bars. It was like, you got whatever was left over from the last Halloween. And it was always small. And yeah, I mean, that's just how it was just different. But thank goodness. There was never a Jeff and Stan, you know, cowboy and Robert type of coordinator. I'm thinking like I'm thinking like red holds men and you know, Bill Bradley or something like that. You know what's crazy? We grew up on the West Coast, right? Right outside of Oakland. And Martinez, California. So we were big, you know, warrior fans a's fans. Back in the heyday. But here's it's just so different now because everything's a picture now, right? It is. And I love watching. I'm like, you know, I'll see pictures of like, but there were no pictures back then. So you were dressing up just for not even because you enjoyed it. You just knew you had to have it to go out and people giving you candy. It was a straight, you know, I want candy. I have to dress up here. Let's do it. Quid pro quo. We all understand what's going on. Last thing, and you can take it if you want. Otherwise, I'll let you go. I'm not a big baseball fan anymore, but I've been having the World Series on in the background when I don't feel like watching NBA games. I will give it to you. Convinced me neutral ish baseball fan. Who hasn't really paid attention and only knows like the very broadest strokes of whatever is going on. Why I should not be cheering against the Astros as garbage can slamming cheaters. Jeff van Gundy defend your team. Well, first of all, I can't defend what they did. Like, I don't even want to. It was disgraceful. And unnecessary because they were great before they did it and they've been great after they've done it. They didn't need it. So that was a terrible lapse in judgment. But that being said, I am still wearing my great T-shirt that says y'all still mad. Like for those whiny Dodger fans complaining about the the championship with that was stolen from him. No it wasn't. We beat your ass, okay? That's that. Okay. Now, can they beat Atlanta? I don't know. Down three two, you know, Verlander out the whole year. You know, mccullers out now. We don't have our top two starters. But I'll say this. Regardless of who wins, we either have a 72 year old manager who I love and dusty baker, getting his first World Series win or a man who manages the braves with who's been in that same organization for 45 years. Now, we may be cheaters, but I got to say this. Until I hear somebody come out and say that that stupid job that they do in a position of power needs to be eliminated as fast as the take vow that we were talking about, then I say the Astros have the advantage and they're going to figure out a way to win it. Dusty baker and the guys, man, it's going to be fun to watch game 6. Jeff van Gundy, nobody does it better than you. Thanks for.

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