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Tell them about the bees so this throat spray is full of natural ingredients. That boost your immune system and sues a scratchy throat. I need that right now. The main ingredient is be propolis which delivers natural germ fighting properties and anti-oxidants to defend and protect our bodies it's sustainably sourced and this spray is just three simple ingredients. You'll never find refined sugars dies or dirty chemicals. In these products ever beekeepers naturals is reinventing. The medicine cabinet with clean remedies actually work. Everyone is sick of seeing unhealthy ingredients hidden inside the over the counter remedies that are designed to make people healthier things like refined sugars. Pesticide residue dies dirty chemicals. These products only mask symptoms and beekeepers. Naturals is creating everyday solutions to modern health issues. They are so confident that you'll love their products. Like i do that. They offer a hundred percent. Money-back guarantee for any reason you're unhappy with their products dilbert fund your money. No questions asked. And we've worked out an exclusive deal for a couple of things. Listeners received fifteen percent of your first order. Go to beekeepers naturals dot com forward slash east fam- or use code east fam- at checkout to claim the steel. That's b. e. k. e. p. e. r. s. a. t. u. r. a. l. s. dot com slash east family. We also include a link in the description below. One.

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