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It officiating experts and i kinda like it if i didn't like it that would be crazy because that can a given me a something to do in the big the declining years of my life so to speak so calendar that i i get it i get away funeral through southeast i got it for you i got i got a couple of years left jeff it yesterday on the show you know i mean i feel like when i get a second segment i've accomplish something i didn't expect to accomplish you're a steady decline you know what that means by your your answers you're too long the first two we had to take a break a microrayan erin hats drove our in its they'll had killed busy jack table is there anything in nfl head coach can say to an official than official can say you know what i put up with this hit the showers poach gets run a bold mail gets run but the but shani doesn't get run what well is at long civil accurate is because they fall into the same role as the players do if you get to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties you're out and that has a head coach ever been run no not in the nfl since that new rule came in you know that there have been two on one coach you seldom ever yet emmy period but you do do that i saw college coach ron um but not an nfl coach that's the same rule in college bit of if you're you're to unsportsmanlike you're out but known old on to see that because it it's but officials are extremely tolerant when it comes to coaches as long as they don't use bad nasty three letter word why oh you if you make your personal then you got issues but if you really frustration in you some bad words officials understand the passion all it takes about winning an in and they really they really do show a lot of restraint all right mike we love having yawn thanks very much aware will a we'll talk to you next week you gotta you.

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