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Tested for the virus. So test the commit on a home could help increase diagnosis rates one. Apple is currently being developed is called HIV smart, and it's designed to accompany at own tests. The app provides instructions on how to perform these tests as well as helping people to interpret the results and linking them to healthcare practitioners as yet, though combined approaches like this on ready to be rolled out into the field. There's still a number of hurdles to overcome before the systems are ready to go. Some of the things we need to think about addressing our issues over data privacy. That's a huge issue that people are rightly concerned about and also an frameworks need to be set up by governments and the healthcare systems to enable mobile data information to be incorporated other aspects need to be addressed as well. For example. If you want to make sure that everyone can benefit from these systems, you need to make sure that everybody has access what? We looked at was a mapping within Uganda of health centers. But also where patients would have self in reception. And what you can see is that there are patients that perhaps would find it difficult to go to a health centre that would have mobile fan reception. And so there's an interesting opportunity there, but also some patients that would find it hard to go to health center and don't have mobile phone reception. And it's not just access to phone networks. That's an issue. Of course, the world it's access to the phones themselves. There's a lot of access now to mobile phones, but not everyone has access there's even differences between men and women say men are more likely to have access to mobile phones, then women certainly within the developing world situation. And also there's a an age related difference in terms of much older people perhaps having less access compared to some of the younger populations. And that's something that really needs to be taking into account. So this clearly.

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