Detroit, Kathryn Bigelow, Charlottesville discussed on Slate's Represent - #56: 'Detroit' and Lemon Filmmaker Janizca Bravo


Depressing i think um but is set a little bit further in the past it is the movie detroit which was directed by kathryn bigelow and was written screenplay with her friend and collaborator remarkable and i mean there's a lot has been said about it already and i've even said some stuff i was on pop culture happy are a couple of weeks ago talking about it but i do think that there is still a conversation to be hot about this especially i mean just in light of everything that's happening in charlottesville right now um and everything appears to be happening throughout this entire presidency and this movie with coincided timed to coincide with the fifty th anniversary of the detroit riots and just as a quick in case people haven't than paying attention other not aware the detroit movie starts with the detroit riots and it kind of focuses for the most part of the about forty minutes forty minutes meet in our it felt like a very long time on the algiers motel incident which is a very uh heavily disputed uh incident that occurred in the midst of the detroit riots where three young black teenagers black male teenagers were killed in the annexed building of the algiers motel uh there were lots of different types of law enforcement there of all sorts uh detroit detroit pd there was also a national guard was there some state troopers were there and everyone has a different account of what happened several other people who survived the night black people black men and two white women who were in the building were tortured alleged wave for hours.

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