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Did you press charges against the perpetrator no so unfortunately so sedan in those reason that we're there and it's a very weak state so the police force and the justice system are nonfunctioning and in fact in the course of my work you know working on social violence the local population i would never recommend a women go to the justice system because it would be so retraumatize ing that i don't think it would end up serving good in the end do no harm is a strong principal and humanitarian action so for myself going to local police that wasn't really an option i did try to get some sort of accountability action through unicef because he was working for a contractor venus efim fortunately that particular relationship falls in gray area so unicef has no responsibility for the actions of their contractors even if it is committing something is horrendous as rape unicef says it did tell the contractor to remove the perpetrator from any unicef assignments but that man who assaulted nobre could be following another woman around right now in some other conflict zone maybe he assaulted other women before he arrived in south sudan it's hard to know we spoke to this humanitarian worker who wanted us to protect her identity and her voice as she still working in the sector she says when she's thinking of hiring someone it's almost impossible to vet them properly because the nature of aid work is so global and so transitory trying to track down the reputation of one person sounds a little like global espionage if you don't know anyone who has been in the same organization in the same mission in the same country in the same period of time then many many times you just have no way to really check people change organizations everybody moves so it's really hard to truck so that's one humanitarian aid worker whose anonymous by request amicus stella back in the studio with me if we're comparing humanitarian aid work.

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