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Dan. Dan Bailey. Here's Mike Zimmer on why they needed to make this move. What went into the decision today? Let girls did you see the game. Was it wasn't an easy position that was pretty easy. Is that what you're talking about them yet? I love my exhibit because it's true kickers are ruining the game right now. You have opportunity to win opportunity to be the division fold in their place and you don't make the kicks in. When you do that, you have to go. The kicker has cost the Cleveland Browns two games already. This season, and this is a team coming off of all in the sixteen year. You put yourself in a position to win because Allah's doesn't make the kicks, and that's a problem. You have to get a guy there. You can at least be confident. All right. I'd Ryan Fitzpatrick whether history continue starting with James Winston return suspension. The Sean Jackson told NFL network. You can't take the hot man out. Do you agree the Sean Jackson is being nice here. What he should have said is Ryan Fitzpatrick is our starter. This team was put together to make these big plays. When you have the Sean outside, you have Mike Evans in those plays were not made by James Winston last year, and they're all to smoke in hot start. You win two games that you were not favored to win coming into the season. You have to continue to ride Ryan Patrick as long as he's making these place for you? Dirt cutting knows. He needs this for his job. Fitzpatrick remains quarterback nine. So two guys have been nice. One guy's been mean how about this one then and Pittsburgh. Sunday cameras caught Antonio Brown, arguing with offense coordinator, Randy Fichtner during Pittsburgh's loss to the chiefs. Then on Monday, the drama continued after a former Steelers employees tweeted that AB wouldn't be successful on another team without Big, Ben Antonio Bryant tweeted back trade me. Let's find out ryen. What's he talking about? He got an his failures. Sometimes when you get in your feelings, it's hard to hide everything behind that smile, everything behind those dances, those commercials. Sometimes it comes out there, hey, I am about me, right. I little selfish. The things that you say the perceptions of me may not be so true, and I think it touches you more because you know, scrap workforce, you know he was a guy. You know, when you go into different interviews and doing different things, he's the one that comes in grabs you out of the locker. Room. He's probably the closest you get to a PR guy, and so him saying this touches you in a different way, and that's why he replied in the way that he did. So it's important to point out. This was not for lack of a better word random fan who tweeted of AB. It was someone that he knew and he responded to it what we make of the whole situation. They're big picture right now and there's they're not playing well, we still have the Levy on bell drama going on. The Steelers have to real Tonio brownie for so long. He's had such high football characters such high football work ethic. Some of the things that he's done, kind of just pushed it under the rug, whether it's Facebook, live ING kicking over the Gatorade cooler lashes. Some of these things have to be real did now because there's so much going on outside of just Antonio Brown. He has to think about team in this situation. And right now he's becoming a larger distraction. Then what his play is this year, I'm saying not his whole career, but what is play has been this year. He needs to focus up and just play ball. I still think if Lebanon bell was there, none of. This would be as dramatic perhaps. But right now, I mean, the Steelers offense looks bad. Their defense has been just terrible and we'll see if they start winning games or as we continue the NFL says that the officials made the right call on the controversial claim us roughing the passer, Ryan Clark. We'll have a take you might not expect on the NFL's response and the Browns. They were so close to winning. Again, Todd mcshay will join the show..

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