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And from your breaking news station due to jenkins along with it hardly at the new mexico honda dealers news desk opposition from residents against the new mexico public education department's revised science standards for schools as led to some changes to the pds amendments the department took a lot of heat for proposing at climate change of a loose shen in the earth's age be removed from the standards but residents spoke out against the changes at a public meeting early this week now staged eucation secretary christopher risky says the revised standards now include explaining the earth's age on scientific evidence for mid schools and bases evolution on four factors las cruces senator william soul says the wording for evolution climate change in the age of the earth still contain corporate learning and albuquerque man gets ten years in prison for killing his girlfriend in july of last year burly or county sheriff's deputies say christopher fernandez shut alma countries in the head wrapped her in a blanket at dumped the body in this south valley fernandez pled no contest to seconddegree murder and armed robbery and guilty to evidence tampering cruising central on weekends could be inactivity returning to albuquerque city councillors clarisa panya and isaac benton are cosponsoring a cruising taskforce resolution that stems from a new study that could unite those four against cruising at least that's what paa's is banking on the city's of post cruising central for years and puts of barricades to prevent it on weekends apd's says it does get complaints of cruisers causing traffic jams performing stunts in the street and rubbing their engines the city now looking into a responsible way to crew central government are teen is calling for this state's new amended bell system to be repealed the constitutional amendment overhaul the system to keep dangerous suspect behind bars but to release suspects considered non violent and who cannot afford to pay bail the governor went to facebook to say the state judiciary is using the new rules to.

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