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He writes the morning score for anybody likes a deep dive into all the pro campaigns out there, I go to political dot com, sign up in the Senate right to you. So Zach thank you for joining us. Sir was what twenty plus candidates. Some people are going to be very, very disappointed. It's almost like a political musical chairs at this point. So basically they're capping the two stages across both nights at twenty candidates. Candidates qualify for either night, getting sixty five thousand donors or getting one percent three polls. And then from there, they're gonna evenly and randomly divide the top candidates among the unites that's candidate polling above two percent, and the bottom kit candidate candidate Colin below two percent evenly divided unites. So it doesn't matter how how large donations are. It's the number of donations correct. Correct. Yeah. So a single dollar from, you know, your average Joe in, you know, regular city council, the same as maxed out donation from hedge fund four qualified debate, only the same thing, it still seems like a logistical nightmare for Tom pres-. You know, who's, who's the most likely named candidate name. We'd recognize to be left out at this point. Yeah. What the DNC is not in a particularly spot is there's so many candidates is twenty four candidates running twenty made the same so far. The two big names that are in danger right now, Representative Seth Moulton from Massachusetts. He will almost assuredly not make the debate stage. He's nowhere. Close to eat it threshold. We have until Wednesday. Qualify even publicly said, I'm not gonna make it. I'm not going to be in out of debate. The other one Steve Bullock governor Montano. The only statewide official elected to a red state wanting running this year. He he's on the barrier right now. He needs to get one more poll with one percent. And, you know, the question is can he do that in the next five days, basically? And why do they shut it down in five days? They started out at five eight at two weeks before the debate just have some time to calculate. And also sign the stage hits, it's random candidates wanted to know whether up again, so you can't really want it until the day before the before the debate you need to get candidate sometimes for payer knowing who their on stage with back to that, little loophole in my mind where it doesn't matter the size, you don't donation is the number governor Montana, even a democrat. I would say, look, my red state friends, if you want Montana, even to be on the stage, I appeal to you to give me five dollars, just, just give me five. No. Gimme one dollar fine Kimmy one dollar. And I think that might put him over the threshold, it's tough. There's a lot of candidates who actually haven't hit the Dr special get on one or the other and act. This point actually hitting the donor threshold is not enough. The debates prioriti- candidates who hit the threshold and twenty candidate ODI hit Poland. So there's really no shot to get through the donation the best way you can secure your spot. Get the polling threshold and the donation threshold thirteen candidates have done that so far, there spot the locked up that remaining seven candidates, they're gonna really be influx until Wednesday until we know exactly what qualify. And just to clarify Zach, there's not gonna be a big table and a little table this time around the randomly selected. So you could get, you know, Biden one night and Harris the next night. The not gonna put the leaders in the same same stage necessarily, right? The top tier candidate candidate polling above two percent, which is kind of a low bar, but that's only nine of the candidate poll about two percent. Those will be evenly and randomly divided. So Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden could end up on the same night or they could end up an opt at night. He's going to be random Zach. Montelera writes for politico dot com to sign up for the morning score. It's terrific newsletter. You can get I get my hime. Oh, box every morning previously with the national journal and George Watson university grant a native New Yorker, Joe Biden seems to have done a big one, eighty on the Hyde amendment as pew. Purely political calculation, or is this, a true change of heart, I guess that's nobody really knows that answer. What do you think? Yeah, it was can't read into Joe Biden part. But let's just say that he was out of the mainstream of the Democratic Party by saying, he would support the Hyde amendment. The height of images reple- prevent subtle funding for abortion, basically every democrat has said I don't support this amendment, and I would actively try to get this amendment stripped from the law, you know, it comes up in appropriation becomes up random Bill so members of congress have voted at larger packages, but basically across the board, Democrats, don't support it. And when he said publicly when it campaigns I probably, hey, you still support the Hyde amendment. He was just whip apart both by twenty twenty you know, opponents basically everyone could veiled or not. Particularly veiled shot at him for saying that and powerful. Democratic groups who said this is not in step up democratic believe now but he doesn't have to fight his way through this pack. He's the, he's the leader at this point. I would think if you wanna take back, what's left of conservative Democrats, though. Let's say in Michigan. Let's say in Wisconsin. Let's say in Pennsylvania. When you want appeal to the gray to the moderates in America's saying, look, we don't want federal funding for abortion. We believe in parental notification. We believe in the twenty two or twenty four week viability. I mean, that seems like a pretty good place for joy, Joe Biden Doron. Why is he? So fearful. What could this way? Right. Joe Biden is been leading all the polls, Joe Biden, who's been at thirty percents somewhere around there that percent of the democratic field. It's supporting candidate does that mean they don't like Joe Biden. No, absolutely not Joe Biden is still incredibly popular among all walks of Democrats, basis, like, but, you know, to win this primary, you need to have you need to build a broader coalition of support even the front running candidates still have a lot of democratic quarters, not backing him. So, you know, you have to get to the democratic primary, first before you can run the general election, basically. She's going to pivot back after if he if he has any hope of taking back, you know, people that voted for Trump because they wanted to burn the place down or be. They just thought Hillary Clinton's too far left. He's screwing the pooch here. Don't you think well within it he got to make it through the primary that everyone's subjective? And it's really a clash in this primary of what vision Democratic Party wins out. Joe Biden broadly is still a big tent democrat. He frequently says, we've put bipartisanship in DC that I can work with the Republicans elect me. I can work with the Republican democrat Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren to accent. Don't share that view. So it's really figuring out who get through the democratic primary. I what direction to the democratic primary want to go before you can really start thinking about the general election Zach house. How are things looking in Iowa on the democratic side of the world right now, basically, every democratic candidate with just a couple of exceptions are heading out to Iowa for their big weekend. Nanny, I all democratic hall of fame and induction. Some sort of ceremony, and it's really probably the biggest gathering of candidates in Iowa anything time, I think it's something like nineteen of twenty four candidates will be their big weekend. Also, coincidentally, the big poll coming out tomorrow from CNN in Iowa that your show is leading the pack and. Iowa. My son who goes to school out Nile college. He says you can't you can't turn a corner without seeing a Senator Harris billboards. She's put a lot of money in Iowa. Ready? Yeah. Senator Harris has also committed to building a big staff, at the store in the divine registered, which is the preeminent paper in Iowa really that I think it's five stack on the ground. You know, she really building up really putting a lot of. Faith in Iowa. She's not the only candidate Elizabeth Warren has a big stack there, too. You know, Cory booker's gotta be inside stack and a lot of candidates, putting a lot of their hopes on Isla many candidate in the rate, even if we have to field time people actually start voting and you know what eight months, I still a lot of candidates. So losing Iowa won't kill any individual campaign, probably. But it'd be a rocket to start off what people are actually voting which, again long way away. Oh, one other little tidbit that caught from your morning score political dot com today is that the Democrats are definitely gunning for a Devin Nunes out in California. Yes. Yeah, it's gonna be a tough tough slots democrat Democrats. It's stored here in two thousand eighteen really can't overstate that it was almost on par with the Republican takeover of the congress. You know, a couple years ago, Democrats swept up, they split you know, dozens and dozens and seat avenue net still one and the guy who ran against avenue news anchor Jan in two thousand eighteen phenomenal. Fundraiser, he may have been in the top five, and he's still walk. Tuck to traditionally Republican seat. It's a seat that you would not expect to be on the board. If not for the fact that Devin Nunes is just viable by Democrats nationally, which, you know, superchargers whoever's counting him. But it it's tough it's really tough for any democrat to, to knock out Devin Nunes, especially they couldn't do it in two thousand eighteen ten as a native New Yorker. Did you see the little blurb that both Republicans and Democrats of your home state, New York are definitely against Tom Brady? Filing for the trademark. Tom terrific WI with an I an Emec fan, not just a New Yorker. Tom terrific, Tom eater. Tom terrific will always be either though, bipartisanship in New York go talk about baseball that end up there. Zaka montelera. Thank you much for your time on this Friday after heavy terrific, weekend, sir you too. Tariff deadline. Nears news.

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