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Sports update brought to you by tri state out of here's John stat shower. Nathan, not a good day for Americans at the Australian open. Jessica gula was the last American left on the women's side seated third. She was hoping to meet her first ever Grand Slam semifinal. Didn't happen, got trounced by Victoria Azarenka 6 four 6 one Sebastien korda and American whose father Peter native the Czech Republic won the AC open in 1998, he lost his quarterfinal match to the Russian current catching up the U.S. is a shirt of having a men's single semifinalist because there's a quarterfinal match tonight between two Americans Tommy Paul and then Shelton. At the garden rangers before to 62 meter Savannah jazz scored twice in Toronto Anders Lee scored twice the islanders led to the one the maple leaf storm back to win 5 to two, Nixon cast tonight at the garden. The feeling is Patrick Mahomes will play for Kansas City in Sunday's AFC championship game with Cincinnati the question is more of how much his high ankle sprain might affect his play as for the Giants and their quarterback Daniel Jones could Brian Dave all yesterday sung his face. He's done everything that we've asked him to do. As an offensive staff and he's done a really good job with operating and executing our office. I think he's made strides in a lot of different areas. Certainly we can all make strides and more, but he's been a good leader for us. The question is, will Jones be back? He can be a free agent as can saquon Barkley. Giants GM Joe Sheen yesterday sounded a little more optimistic about Jones return than Barclays. John stache Bloomberg sports Nathan. Okay, John, thanks for that and the Bloomberg sports report was brought to you by Audi. Don't let someone else drive off in the Audi model you've always wanted. Visit your local tri state, Audi dealer to get behind the wheel of yours today, or visit Audi offers dot com for more information. It's hard to keep up with breaking global business news that was a mixed day here in the states. Volatility is sky high. But at Bloomberg, our season reporters and anchors make it look easy. European stocks hit a fresh record bearers have basically been rendered obsolete. The right height dance is playing out on a belly of the curve. Are you worried about a wage price spiral? A lot of Wall Street strategists getting more and more cautious here. Bloomberg radio, the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com. Bloomberg, the world is listening. It's time for today's stem tip. Okay, you know recycling is important. No one wants plastic in the ocean. Here's a cool way to repurpose a plastic bottle. Build an awesome terrarium. Cut a large plastic bottle in half and fill the base with sand, pebbles, potting soil, and your favorite plant. I chose an African violet. Put the top of the bottle over your base and place it in the

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