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Austin thank you meanwhile people are gathering at the old Tarrant county courthouse in fort worth for a protest rally for this evening also parts of Dallas are gonna be under curfew starting at seven tonight running until six tomorrow morning this is gonna go on for a week Dallas police chief U. Renee hall told a news conference the curfew would last for seven days so tonight that curfew will encompass multiple areas the balance farmers market the seniors central business district downtown west in victory park in uptown and protester place Friday and Saturday in Dallas in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody the Dallas proto seven times turned violent and destructive as of ten forty five last night Dallas police said that they had arrested seventy board people including thirty six outside of city hall and an additional twenty seven were also arrested on McKinney Avenue ten were arrested on freeways and also one of the intersection of element bay's streets meanwhile Texas governor Greg Abbott has sent more than one thousand five hundred state troopers to various Texas cities to help control the protests over the death of Houston native George Florida Abbott said in a news release over the weekend the troopers are being sent on to Houston Dallas Austin and San Antonio and Austin or Houston police chief art Acevedo said on Twitter that nearly two hundred arrested on Friday in most gonna be charged with obstructing a roadway.

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