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Tali the latest of all victims of gun violence, and Jane that narrow pipeline site shutdown might have you digging deeper in your wallet. Brian Z All quiet on the Aaron Rodgers front. I'm nebulas ago. Volume is picking up but we're really not slowing down just yet. Eastern westbound 94. 17 minutes to get from Highway 16 to downtown south on 41 highway Q to the zoo's gonna be about 15 minutes south on 43 brown. Your road to the market will take your 12 and you're heading up from the airport from Layton Avenue near downtown on 43 94. That's gonna be seven minutes with traffic and weather together on the tents. I'm Gabby Lawson got wtmj paella w dot com Time saver traffic. There are reports of snowflakes in southeastern Wisconsin. It's gonna be partly cloudy today with a slight chance of showers. No mention of flurries 51 Lakeside 56 win clear tonight could see some frost away from the lake where those will get down to 32 degrees. It's 40 in Milwaukee at 702 from the WTMJ Breaking news Center and autopsy happens today for a three year old boy shot and killed over the weekend in Milwaukee. WTMJ is Tony Bedrock is live in the breaking news center in Milwaukee. Police say the toddler unintentionally shot himself Saturday after getting Hold of a gun inside a home near 31st in Michigan. Santa Medina was next door when shots rang out. The certified medical assistant tells TMJ four news. She did all she could to help his consent ahead. And so the paramedics got here. Hoped that it would help but And then it's heartbreaking that I I couldn't save him. Police have arrested a 26 year old in connection to the shooting charges are pending the searches on in New York City for a man believed responsible for a shooting in Times Square over the weekend. One of the three innocent bystanders wounded still has a bullet lodged in her thigh. Though she's back home now in Rhode Island, I saw police officer and I screamed to him. I was like I'm shot E have a two year old. I don't want to die. Please help me. Doctor is telling 23 year old Wendy Margaret. Not that removing it now would cause more harm than good to others were wounded, but not critically, including a four year old girls. It wasn't even crying. He was amazing Little girl is praying The girl was in a trip shopping for toys. Chuck's Iverson, ABC NEWS New York, a major U. S. Fuel pipelines still shut down after.

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