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Win visit the sound of winning dot com for more info and your chance at the five thousand dollar grant price must be eighty in order to play six fifty five police in Salem the looking for help find the person who dumped a German shepherd that dog was found on January twenty fourth tied to a pole on highland Avenue near Swanston road we see pictures of the dog on our website W. B. C. ten thirty dot com on the ring central Newsline firefighters in northern New Mexico or blaming a puppy for starting a house fire they released a video that shows nine month old co huda putting his paws on an ironing board inside the home that because the board and other objects to fall under the floor great connected to the home furnace the heat melted some items which fell through the grate and started the fire kahuna a skate the Holman was not injured firefighters were able to put out the flames before it costs too much damage to the home that is correspondent Phil Hewlett in Los Alamos county New Mexico where officials say this is just one more reason to be sure smoke alarms are working inside your home nearly a quarter of pet owners say they have a hard time affording them CBS is Chris Miller's in New Orleans and says the report comes from the pet supply company in a vat pack the survey finds people encountering vet bills higher than they expected a little bit spring co founder and director of the nonprofit southern animal foundation veterinary clinic in New Orleans says they do what they can to help but there are some things like the cost of medication to treat heart worm that are beyond their control we can kind of play with pricing when it comes to like hospitalization and some of the medications and treatments but some of the things are just you can't really lower the cost on and it's not just the vet cleaning grooming pet food even making time to make sure a pet gets proper exercise or things the survey found pet owners struggling with Chris Miller for CBS news New Orleans pita is stripping off one of its most famous campaigns the animal rights group says the phrase I'd rather go naked than wear fur has worked well add since nineteen ninety but an official says nearly every top designers now stop using for California's banded in Macy's is closing its first someone's Peter will turn its attention now to the leather and wool traits six fifty seven don office by with the news said seven o'clock and a special on the impeachment straight ahead as well let's.

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