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In the state of Tennessee when you get out there I just crumble like this off the street get my apprehended commissioner of safety Jeff long that criminal forty four year old Curtis ray Watson who is caked on a tractor Wednesday morning from the western Tennessee correctional facility he surrendered this mark morning in a soybean field some ten miles from the prison that field just seven hundred fifty feet from the home of Harvey and Ian Taylor we're watching was rummaging for food and a carport refrigerator around three thirty this morning thanks to their rang the doorbell see a resume that he was making he said this in advance so hello if you try to come in set district attorney mark David said saying Watson will be arraigned this week on some very serious charges first re martyr aggravated sexual battery especially aggravated burglary and this guy and we're looking at weather not we might apply the death penalty or seek the death penalty in this case yes Watson accused of the sexual assault and strangulation death of prison administrator Deborah Johnson starting as a guard the sixty four year old grandmother worked for the corrections department for nearly four decades she lived in a house on the prison grounds five children dead in an early morning fire in the daycare center in your re Pennsylvania the victims eight months to seven years of age four of the victims were siblings their grandmother said their parents worked the overnight shift that day care center open twenty four hours seven days a week no word on how that fire started this is fox news the candidate with red hair I'm not looking at Washington's economy in micro but it's not different really than any other state in the far west yeah I know it's harder to run an issue that is on your personal record and we haven't heard a whole lot about things are not particularly good when it comes to the issue of environmental regulations and getting what I want to pass through the legislature subscribe now to the candidates with.

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