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Detectives in south l monti say their hopefuls some security video will help catch a rapist flurry distant images from one angle show a woman walking into whittier narrows recreation area when she's attacked dragged into the bushes and sexually assaulted la county sheriff's lieutenant todd deep says it happened june 1st nothing similar has been reported since detectives from special victims bureau been working very hard to try right identify other sexual predators or a sex offenders in the area and we have not identified any a second camera angles shows the man riding away from the scene on a black bicycle the man is hispanic about five nine with a teardrop tattoo under his left eye in la eric leonard kfi news a suspected fastfood felon has been arrested in riverside police say the man robbed a corals junior at a pizza hut in riverside officer ryan rails bag says detectives are trying to see if this is the same guy who held up dozens of fastfood joints in orange county right now we're not going to release the name or a photo and that's to protect the garden grove in santa ana police department's investigation de says the man was arrested in river side after a police chase and crash thursday the robber in all the fastfood holdups flashed a gun andrew bolland back kfi news the company that owns the forum in inglewood is suing the city of inglewood over an agreement allowing the los angeles clippers to build a new sports arena that would also host music events in competition with the forum the torrance daily breeze says the new yorkbased madison square garden company filed the lawsuit lee yesterday form executives claim inglewood mayor james butts got them to sign away their lease on a parking lot that's to be part of the clippers development by telling them it was for hightech business park complex lowest laurel hawes who was the only surviving child of comedy legend stan laurel has died has died at holy cross hospital in mission hills she was eighty nine traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center a car fire and west covina on.

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