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I don't really have a problem with this message love women exposing news to k forever don't really understand this though it doesn't make sense to me i guess she's trying to say she was talking to trey songs they never slept together by her account and she approached him at one point upset but he does drugs what kind of drugs dono but could go this like weeden xanax don't care but if it's like heroin that's different either way the drugs were her concern and at some point in that disagreement between herself ends the songs he eld mob her to some other women he allegedly and they didn't those women than jumped this girl leading her to calling the police and pressing charges and so now she's iraq oh my god seriously all met i mean i do too it's really honestly no reason to not believe the woman also so it's again not that i don't believe her but i have big big questions about why you would identify yourself in this situation because it's not like he added her in instagram story or anything right he just you know twelve plus you know the red or so why would you then at yourself as it was kinda like how why would you deny yourself right after laminate came out as becky with the good hair like why would you do that why would you denver yourself as the red in this situation becky becky was their own yeah whereas this is relation like.

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