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Several years had already been to the finals with Orlando and here he is paired up with this young phenom and Kobe and he's playing for the Lakers and expectations are through the roof for for you know used to say back in the day he goes. You know I know what it's going to be if we lose. I, it's going to be an remember. It was I mean, and then del or I delvin me or whatever, and of course eventually, del Harris got fired. So, but he knew he he understood that. That's what it means to be. The Franchise Star and it was more on him than Kobe Kobe was young, and was not established as as a franchise centerpiece yet. His his obviously, his potential was boundless. So but it's an important point Zach. Among other things that I wanted to really emphasize in this story that the Lakers were not the Lakers yet and yet they won sixty seven games, which at that time was one of the best records of all time top five, or whatever of all time, but it wasn't expected. And the LA. Times had the the Lakers as fifth in the West in their preseason. Rankings sports illustrated picked the Spurs. Vegas had the spurs a bunch of papers newspapers, which were that was most predictions back then was newspapers. They were all either blazers or spurs coming out of the West. I don't. I couldn't find one I didn't. Look at all of them. I couldn't have that much time, but I did not find my search a single paper that takes the Lakers to win the West that year much less the championship they were. They were immature. That supporting cast people were constantly even after they won the first championship by the next year. It was back to well. Who's going to be the starting powerful, and of course they make the trade. The trade gun rights for grant horaces older at that point, but it was always Robert. Ory Isn't big enough and strong enough to guard the Carl Malone's and the the Rasheed Wallace is and the Tim Duncan's in the Chris. Weber's like Robert Ory because he was more of this kind of like. You know skinny almost a small forward in Houston. Played. Or has a quote in your story about how Phil Phil was always trying to get out and get rid of him and get off him and didn't want him on the team I'm like. HOW DID FILL NOT ALLEGRA? How does any coach not love? Robert like he's he's A. He's a prototypical three and D guy. Positions? He's the greatest entry passer of all time. That's what one coach told me about him. One time, which is like a thing that only coaches would care about and love. How do so what's that about like? It was just about what you're talking about now. Yeah, I, think Phil, like his mind to power forward was more of your traditional manly man power forward who banged in the post and Rebounded in high numbers, and and whatever maybe hard screens, Robert was more of this kind of three four type and yeah, he was, he was. He was a an early version of the three point shooting. Big You could call him. A big and rob was really clever defender, but he was not a particularly physical defender, so yeah, Carl Malone overmach him, and some of the other guys get overmach him, but Robert became a really great defender at that position, just with his Guile, and his knowledge of how guys played Roberson Incredibly Smart Player, and so eventually I think he did win. Fill over in that regard, and he did start I think for their third championship when they played the nets, but you know the first few years every and this was the fans to by the way fans and media. Talk Radio it was always. Derek, Fisher isn't good enough. We need a better starting point guard. Derek Fisher can't can't stay with the Damon. Stoudamire is the world or Alan Iverson or whatever and it was always Robert. Ory Can't guard these so those two particular always targeted by fans in media, and there was always question, and so you know harp was older Brian Shaw older, so the wasn't just whether or Shaq and Kobe were getting along, and we're mature enough as a duo it. It was always disappointing casts all these doubts about them, which is funny, because as you and I have discussed before all anybody looks back on now. Is there a dynasty? They were amazing. They went three in a row, and they had Shaq and Kobe. So of course they were dominant, but they weren't that dominant. They're this close to not winning in two thousand and this close to winning in two thousand two, and that's the great sliding doors moment that I wanted to explore. If they lose this. Not only are the Blazers winning the championship that year, but then the blazers probably stay together the Lakers, even if they keep Shaq and Kobe together and I think they would've I don't think shock. Yeah, you don't you don't trade you don't. Know, what would have been crazy, but Rick Recruit Rick Fox and Robert orey right the rest of them. There would have been major consequences, and when we see looking back, knowing what the great chemistry of that team was, and how those guys were such. Great Glue Pieces Smart Veteran Ball movers defenders that I'm talking about Fox and fish Orien- Sean, and Harp. If those guys don't stay together. Whoever's replacing them? The chemistry is probably not the same. These things matter. So. So I one of the reasons that the blazers have disappeared from the discourse. As you mentioned his aide, they disappeared their own team with an with one of the all-time Asinine win now traits was Jermaine O'Neal for Dale Davis in Jermaine. O'Neal immediately goes to Indiana's like Oh. Yeah, he's good. Although all the player all this stuff is doing practice turns out. He could do it in. Games Mike only just didn't play him and and Mike Dunleavy's defense. That team is legitimately thirteen fourteen, but that was Jermaine O'Neal fourth season. It wasn't like his first season. Is the teenage rookie coming in at? At High School sitting on the bench, that was his fourth season in Portland. He never played nine hundred minutes in any of those four seasons. That is incredibly unusual for a first round. Pick to just not basically play for four years in a row, and they eventually like right. The coaching play plan Bob. Whitsitt said he'd made a promise to Germain. If the coaches and play on trade, you and they make this win now. Trade which everybody knew when it happened, even though Jermaine O'Neal had never played well, that's dumb, and then they trade Brian Grant for Shawn which was disaster by..

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