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We hope you're happy safe healthy and it's you are pumped because it is coming that's right we're about forty eight hours away or so give or take whenever you listening to this from the two thousand twenty one dallas cowboys season opener. Today is actually a huge day a blog in the boys because tonight is too hard knocks finale episode five. We are slated to have shannon firm. Nfl films join us on our live post episode discussion on the blog on the boys youtube channel. We will podcast that for you as well. Don't worry we may or may not be podcasting a conversation with a current dallas cowboys wide receiver to and you can also watch that on the youtube channel. No spoilers here though. Let's get you caught up on what happened on monday. Obviously sunday was a tough day for the cowboys with the news of zack martin. Now being out of the season opener against the tampa. Bay buccaneers. mike mccarthy noted that there have been no new additions to the cowboys cove in nineteen list. Very nice to see obviously brandon. Knight was a close contact. We will see if he ultimately is able to rejoin the team for thursday night's game. It does seem like that will happen. But you know how. This particular situation goes regarding. Zack martin though a lot of cowboys fans have kind of clung to hope that maybe somehow someway. He could ultimately return to the team in time to play on thursday night. One of the people who was trying to be as optimistic as possible about this is in fact. Dallas cowboys owner president and general manager. Jerry jones jerry was on. I take seriously on monday. Part of the reason was that michael irvin was co hosting. But jerry was on i take. He was asked about zack. Martin and here is what he had to say. He's going to be tested right up until game time. And maybe we can get a couple of negative tests out of it so You know. I'm always looking for that Pony in there somewhere. What would we do you just say ability of him playing well if you could test negatives if he can get two negatives over the next couple of days then he could play. Don't hold out so they don't hold out to that and had one do it since training camp but if he can two negatives is doing all the right things and as he's a lot better as to his count his cell count. But some of the things. I do to do that i hope. Jerry's you know optimistic. Reality takes hold it. Sure would be nice. Zack martin somehow someway r- able to play for the cowboys. Come thursday night. But between now and then there will still be some more practices. The cowboys were back at practicing on monday and good news. From a health perspective the following players were all full participants. In monday's practice in fact only one player wasn't but terrel bashing with an ankle injury. Lyle collins huge news there obviously allow coming off of the stinger was a full participant in. Monday's practice very nice to see. I do wonder if maybe he is going to get some days off. I know john michaud speculated about that during last friday's episode of girls talk and boys when the hung out with calcium meg. I maybe we see him get some days kind of some romo wednesday type action but for now at least lyle cons back. Practice chauncey goldstein with a hamstring issue. He came off the pup list. Last week as you know was a full participant as with cj goodwin demarcus lawrence. With the back issue was a full participant. Dak prescott was a full participant in. Monday's practice what a beautiful and wonderful sentence. And finally donovan wilson. Coming back from the groin issue. That kept him out. Part of last week was a full participant. The loan non full participant as mentioned with tie in seki coming off the foot issue was a limited participant in monday's practice. And look we all are obviously a little bit nervous about the tackle situation as a whole so the fact that titans seki is on the injury. Report doesn't make us feel great but all things considered very good news for the dallas cowboys on the injury. Front again they will be playing a game that matters a game of consequence two days from today we have a a lot of content available for you between now and then at blogging. The boys dot com here on the boys podcast network and on the blog on the boys youtube channel. I've been teasing it. Look i'm not gonna say it say it but you heard me kind of dance around it on our first episode of cowboys cast with bobby yesterday here on the network there may or may not be a certain wide receiver who wears number. While i won't. I won't say number. He wears but it's between twelve and fourteen. He may or may not be joining us on the blog. The boys youtube channel channel blog. Otherwise podcast network so be on the lookout for that too busy week. The fun times are here people football season. We'll see you tonight on the live show after hard. Knoxville miss it. It's going to be a great time and because of that we won't have an episode of the ocho tomorrow remember. That's kind of the routine we've been on lately here so you'll get the hard knocks episode later on today. Actually you'll get a new episode of the seven five. Oh with myself in two time superbowl champion. Tony casillas then later on after that little prize like we talked about the little chat that we're talking about here Tomorrow in this slot you'll get the hard knocks discussion. Then you'll get talking the star and then it's game day baby. Have a great day. Had the best tuesday ever because you deserve it. We were indiana. My friends is always go cowboys in peace out..

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