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Our Lillard rather was level by atoms. That's the beginning of the payback from the Meyers, Leonard screens inside the catcher catching story. Adams went out to defend on the wing and cancer was all by himself. I'm not mistaken that adds an eighteen five run for okay? See? Title St. Westbrook into the lane to Adams, try to dunk it on the head of cancer. And he threw it off the backboard as it came off his head. Long. Rebound, George, spins off, the papers out this router drives on the right slot. Takes him to the rack layup. No, maybe ticks off the glass. Stop for the blazers minute twenty seven to go in the half and Lillard induces contact driving. George Rosza up free throw line extended. George goats. Ford are looking up at the scoreboard. I read timeouts remaining. This is a more important. I think men in the half for Portland than it is for. Okay. Saying okay, she's gotten themselves back in the game Portland needs. I think the feel better going into halftime to finish. Well for Cullum shoots. The fading left-wing two ball fifty four forty six Portland. Okay. Sees up the floors. Westbrook drives tissues blocked, right? George up with a dunk and to hand flush to finish the disaster. Glazer's are rattled now in their own building a nineteen point lead down to six it's fifty four to forty eight under a minute ago to have had okay since done it with the defense despite not shooting the ball. Well. All teams are over the limit. Katherine Hans we left Lillard contested three. No good. Throught or had a hand up at a space Westbrook up side of the floor euros steps into the contact with. It's called for the charge turnover. Oklahoma city. I think that's a very good call. It's an excellent call by trade. Matic's Russell got caught with nowhere to go and Rodney hood just held his ground. Russell sipping ran into thought. Right. And it's going to jump one way or the other never even reacted could just winked at me on his way. By after I made that comment about him. Defensively. Drives throws up hill on the paintings through the hands of a media and out of odds. Another trailblazer. Turnover down the stretch, I'm making up a number show. I'm saying the last fifteen possessions Portland has really been shaky with their ball handling Schreuder MRs from three straightaway. George trying to get the rebound collides. The meaner was out of odds and sex RBIs says off a chief Amini Rodney marks going to talk to may may change this call. They did. The man faintly heard on your radio zags Arbat say, mama stake. It's the best thing in official could say you're a coach you scream on you want. When you Fisher goes by mistake, ended a conversation out. She can say our engineer Brian Hill is tucked a secret microphone up at the rim there, then sure I think that.

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