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Because I the only thing is it. It's it's like a naughty Santa party. I'm like listen to me. This is my neighbors. I go. What are you The joking? kids go to school together. You know, the eye annuity like waggling? What is this is wide? Shut. What are you talking about? You know, you just gotta bring like a naughty gift. I go. I hate to do it. Ethan. You must do I I'm. Do you want me to bring a double ended dildo? Bring. Get what the fuck it. We don't get about man. I don't know what to heads. So. I know what that is. Doc him and it didn't shock him. Now. I would it. Something tells me that me and MRs Serrano going to this party. It's. It's. Teeth. Why is he having a Christmas party now strange? But. You have to bring a good naughty Christmas gift what the fuck is Laudi about Christmas, you freaks. I love these guys the nice guys. How are you going to look at them on Monday after that you don't already, but how am I going? I'm going to dress. My wife up like a freaky Alfano. This is. Rolling go. What is going on rolling pin? With a hamburger helper fish on In the the end. end. They would stand like what is ball's out. What the fuck is going on here island. Don't do. It. Don't go don't go. I'll listen I'm not going and I'll see them on Monday. How was the freak fest? I was watching Cowboys. They're only freight doors hidden agendas, you're going you're going to fight. I'm not. I got go naughty fucking party spice things don't go to. So where you're gonna wants to fight. Well, I mean is in Brooklyn, which is nice, you know, but I'm to be fighting. So I like to watch it on my big screen TV. It is nice to nice to be home and watching of here. Nami in Florida. Oh, you're going to be away. I watched them left up. Well, listen to me and dean wants to promote to promote Deen's enough. Not much more time. I gotta sign out with so listen check out, but it is good day. Online. Talked over, you know, train BJ JJ, online dot com or on Instagram. That'd be at train BJ online to serve JJ schools. What do I want to say to it? I'll do that. I know you why don't get kind of a hook up again you get your promo crew. And what about the people wanna know they've been asking what is it? Dana white looking for a fight. Dana trip in people. They do to me to me of a lot. They want us to talk about and chill. Rogin did say you'll final compliment. He did like he does say he likes you on the show. I knew way while we did you don't I would hit the inter up. All right. Listen Jimmy so much fun spring. I had a great time to all right? It's eighty five you, buddy. All right now. Remember to subscribe on apple podcasts radio dot com slash UFC, unfiltered, poor wherever you get your shows, not my business.

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