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Your first Lincoln job post linked in dot com slash Kevin terms and conditions apply your eighty C. six for twenty weather forecast mostly cloudy skies tonight a few showers possible for the overnight forty three the low rain likely tomorrow a high of fifty and then on Tuesday rain likely in the morning and otherwise mostly cloudy the rest today high fifty four this weather powered by the basement doctors know forty eight degrees in Grove city forty eight your severe weather station newsradio six ten WTVN Ohio's capital city depends on newsradio six ten WTVN welcome back to over the line on newsradio six ten WTVN Joe Judy Jack device here are friendly and Boone with us as well Jack punching sheep yes this comes to us from Edinburgh the Scottish wool farmer has Courtney's pleaded guilty to animal abuse after he was caught on video punching to sheep in the face all William brown fifty nine was fined seven hundred fifteen dollars U. S. about six and sixty euro or five hundred and fifty pounds under section nineteen of Scotland's animal health and welfare act of two thousand six entry admitted causing unnecessary suffering to two rams on his farm in the south of Edinburgh back in twenty eighteen the investigation was conducted by the Scottish society for the prevention of cruelty to animals or spoke which was authorized to report.

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