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The. We're apart these days sharing more so at Geiko. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing you savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy. Haircut fails. Thanks for sharing your inner lip star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO. Give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because we're committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit Geico dot. com slash give back for more INFO and eligibility. Guys, it's bobby bones I host the bobby bones show, and pretty much always sleepy, because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later. I get all my friends together. We get into a room and a radio show. We share our allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world if he. He. Possibly can, and we looked through the news of the day that you care about also your favorite country artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music, too. So wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point seven W M Z. Q in Washington, DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. So, America is dealing with the pandemic. We're dealing with unemployment we're dealing with racism. Some minority business owners are really really suffering from both the riots and covert nineteen pandemic so Steve Let's go to the phones talk to the People Ida everybody You know doing this time that we're all coping with on so many different ways. We decided to take some calls and just hear from some of our listeners. We don't have a all. We don't have a topic. Topic is just what's going on in his world to down me. It's all the same thing you know a moment ago. It was covert nineteen, which was the conversation and now I think we've gotten onto something that's. Equally as important in starting to have a more resounding effect or more people than I even thought it would, which is could be a good thing for the cause, so we're going to go to some of our listeners on the phone Let's go to our first. Call is Steve Harvey. Who is this? Is My spine. I'm calling from Atlanta Georgia Hi Myra. Hey, listen. You're a business owner here. How how is this affecting you? And what would you like to say I? Would they Jesus be Bob wire fence right now because this is a lot. I have been through an economic downturn. I've been through the recession. I've been through two three Republican administrations as business owner and I can tell you I've never seen anything like this. This is crippling now. I know for a lot of businesses. Before we got the people out in the streets, pandemic has a close so many businesses. How is Your Business closed I? Don't you don't? Don't have to give the name of what what type of business do you have and is it closed? And what do you foresee happening? Wish? She thought well I can tell you. This is my tenth year in business in this brand. I've owned Salon for twenty years. Over Twenty Years Since Nineteen Ninety, nine I'm moved to Atlanta. Nights and ninety eight and when I pull you. and. We felt in have always felt like. The streets were paved with gold. This is not a political city. This is not a city like New York Chicago, Detroit L. A. The cost of living with debt for entrepreneurs. So if you could see in, believe it, you can have it that reality television Atlanta, because I've been on reality TV and I know what that looks like, but this is real business people who if you set your mind to something and you had a drink could accomplish it, and it was not stagnant based on. On politics and the cost of living allowed it to be that, but this pandemic was nothing. Anybody could have prepared for in any way shape or form this the not like the housing crisis. It's not like the great recession where you could blame people who have forecast or over leveraged. This was something that was beyond our control and I'm in the beauty business where we can't. We can't say six feet away. You have to touch people and my salons and businesses have been closed since March twenty third. We opened three weeks ago. And to fifteen percent of the revenue that we normally do during this time of the year, which is our busiest time of the year, which is prom season, which is tax season, which is Mother's Day? Every major holiday before June is off big time of the season and our business was at zero. And it was if I hadn't been the type of business that I am. My employees wouldn't have I. See a dime because my employees are actual employees. They're not subcontractors their employees, so if it weren't for the federal government stepping in and giving the extra six hundred dollars on top of the basic unemployment that they get, they would have been homeless, and this is disheartening. It's sad. It's troubling and all of this. It's too much. Too much while. I understand that and now you know we we. We put in for you I mean we're praying for everybody to get through. This is still going to be some challenges even with the stimulus packages, and and even when it gets back to a sense of normality, still gonNa be a bit it just is. It's going to be a bit. It's GonNa. Take a while to get back to normal and I don't know what the norm is. GonNa look like either I don't know if it's going to be. Anything like it before I can play that. There would be what we had before. And you know what I'm okay. I mean things change. You know life has changed. Maybe this will cause some other things to be looked at everything so hanging there. Hey, will really appreciate your call meal and we pull it for you sister. Thank you so much for the call. I right coming up more of the Steve Harvey Morning Show at twenty minutes after right after this. You're listening to leave Harvey Morning Show. Hi, I'm Robert Lamb, and I'm Joe. McCormick and we're the hosts of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. This show is the altar where we worship the weirdness of reality. If anybody ever told you, you ask the weirdest questions, it is time to come. Join us in the place for you belong the stuff to blow your mind podcast new episodes publish every Tuesday and Thursday with bonus episodes on Saturdays listen to stuff to blow your mind on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts, renowned Buddhist author and teacher. Masters has steadfastly maintained his innocence since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years ago on a new podcast. Dear Governor Jarvis poses the question. To put them. By the execution of one in. The confines of his nine by four sell in San. Quentin Jarvis will share his riveting life story. How is managed to maintain a sense of optimism? In the most dire circumstances are their my dear mind by now that I'm arriver. Provide the details of the bloody murder and trial that landed him on de. I really believe that they found that weapon. I would not charge. Here details from inside the courtroom as attorneys fight for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence that bolsters has claims of innocence will the California Supreme, court exonerate him reaffirm his death sentence listened to dear governor on the iheartradio APP on Apple. PODCAST or wherever you get your podcasts..

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