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Twenty twenty presidential race is heating up billionaire incorporates all the issues Donald Trump that's number one all the candidates we okay always takes place on the bottom we are by the new polls socialism in our country all the information see twenty twenty and twenty twenty with election updates every twenty minutes AM seven sixty talk and breaking news Armstrong in getting out billionaire calls women fat broads and horse stays to lesbians and no I'm not talking about Donald Trump I'm talking about Bloomberg stealing a line from the Lincoln Douglas debates about horse faced billion or something I don't know it with I like the political headline loathing in Las Vegas Amy in Pete's resentment boiled over well the play that exchange are you calling me stupid she says yeah boy I can't wait to play more of these clips I know you want to do one now if you lie to get the mail bag if you'll like arm if you like drama and that sort of stuff personal interactions I'm not sure was good for the country politics or anything like that but if you like well since we reference it's several times we can play the the the Amy Pietz stupid thing yeah go ahead what number is twenty one for the folks there you go twenty one hi ho ho ho it's worth waiting for folks and telling I actually didn't know how many members are in the the contestants.

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