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I didn't know that they were experienced because when it first started thinking and that was curt Hawkins, I think it was his gimmick name before I got to curt Hawkins. But anyway, I was like, who are these guys? I've never heard of him. Then started researching their background, said, holy. Shit. These guys are real workers. These guys been around. So how did you take? Let's go back to the question. What did open grill stuff kind of consist of. I mean, here's the thing. Okay. My first day in it was me and Pat buck. That was my first day training and right off the whip. He could tell it was a top tier athlete. I mean, I was blowing all these guys have already been there for a year totally out of the water, duh. We were going to the bump, drill killing it, lockup killing it. You know what? Screw it. Let's do up and overs killing it. So I mean pretty much since day one, I was an absolute prodigy and that's me being humble, Steve, I'm not gonna lie to you which by the way, people call me humble all the time, and I really do appreciate it. But sometimes I have to explain to you the viewers listeners. Just how great I am, you know? And yet since day one, really it was easy stuff but but day one, it was. Learn how to bump lockups and I and I did do overs in the class. They pretty much they threw me right in which I think was incredibly beneficial because sometimes I feel like I've gone, I've checked out other schools. Sometimes I feel like if you on day one are just learning one thing and you do that for months while it's gonna make that one thing. Great. Sometimes I think it's good to be thrown into the lion's den and just learn on the fly and try to and try to get to everybody else's level. You know. And honestly, I cannot think of a better school in the Tri state area. Like if you if you live in the tristate area and you don't go to create a pro, you're nuts. These guys are so good patent Brian. So good. Now earlier in the podcast I called you max. Okay. Are you cooling mccone. You match? Because I didn't clear that with, you know, I've got, you know, obviously I am stone cold, Steve Austin. I left a pretty decent market and business. I'm not gonna sit in blow smoke. In my mom, but it is what it is you do you mind if call you max, Steve? I'm going to let it slide. Okay. Because we're in your home working with me, but just to clarify, if you see me out on the streets and you say Jacob frame, I will level you notch. I work with that. All right, but anyway, back to it. So was it what you expected? It would be. I mean, the and this is this is serious. There's an absolute shoot. The second I walked into the ring. I felt like I was at home. I don't know if he felt the same way the first day of training. But the second I stepped in the ring. I was like, God damn it. I feel like I'm supposed to be here. I feel like I meant to be here. I did feel that too. I wasn't as a natural as you were knowing only things that I could expect to be. But the only thing that I wasn't Angela that was just tacking those robes hitting those robes, and you'll make Mick Foley tells a story. There used to be a like a cave fehb section. Wish some fencing in front of we call that the crow's nest and when guys would a we work on fry. Tonight and Saturday morning, you know, that's where the family would watch from either the wives and girlfriends. That's what they would work from. And so you know, he got to the town early, you know, he'd been coming in back and forth from Tennessee. So he was caved up crow's nest that was after the Saturday show, he would just kill in tan any notice this one kid out there with loan blonde hair with pretty good physique. Just hitting the road like a maniac heart, and he said that guy has a future in this business. It turns out he was. He was right?.

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