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A m two thousand eighteen golden globes 10 things you didn't see on the telecast from usatoday one announcements encourage shorter speeches that's right after big little lies star nicole kidman's relatively long two and a half minute acceptance speech there were announcements during the commercial break for winners to please watched the teleprompter wrap things up wanted says wrap things up the shape of wander director yohmor del toro who was in the latest star wars ignores that advice whoever in talks over the music meant to play him off it's taken 25 years give me a minute hebrew claims no stop when they say start i would like to thank my first greed to truman's of code word the answer aid number two there are semipublic displays of affection that's right after dwayne johnson's on air presentation with his daughter golden globe and ba'asyir simone garcia johnson he hug sir and the to walk to the wing arm in arm is kidman and keith urban find their seats they hold hands during a commercial break glows allison rian disaster or tests david franco share a sweet kiss okay you remember a rock cry no i love the rock i've man duane johnson i've that i'm is big i saw him in a clip of a movie this weekend it was on in the background on on whatever channel i don't even know and i glanced up in it's an old movie with ian john travolta and the rock was playing a gay guy who was a security guard for this perot what's his name i don't remember that that'll ironic that john travolta was in at who's gay we'll but the rock was he had this perm and he was a struggling actor in but he was guarding vince vaughn in i'm sure it was a funny movie but i it came on the background and channel got changed the news but i thought wow i've never seen iraq play apart that's shows that he's heat what is it he's comfortable in as masculinity i love that about him he's a knighthood mean i think he's a better record than he was rushed wound was unhurt urged the roads no i totally talking about the golden globes other things that you may not have seen publicly debare is busy all celebration long that's right i figured that the.

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