Baseball, Matt Scherzer, Diamondbacks discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney


I'm very familiar with what you're talking about about where the trends are in this game and there is you as you say more strikeouts but it's interesting that you don't have pictures like you did in my era that are known to be power pitchers that are are are racking up the strikeouts i guess it must be evenly dispersed over all of baseball and not any particular handful of pitchers i know still like to watch watch matt scherzer because obviously i know him playing here with the diamondbacks he he seems to be the big power pitcher if you will and has been for many years but he seems to be racking up all the strike kouts that i guess outside of that it's all pretty evenly distributed throughout baseball with the strikeout rate being hired incidates game the one thing that i'd never quite understood that i would love to debate with anybody would be taking a starting pitcher out after you know you've onto the rotation or gone through the lineup a couple of times turn to line up over a couple of times i think you're doing starting pitcher a disservice in some ways and what i mean by that is when the starting pitcher gets in a tough situation and he's he's right at that border line of whatever your pitcher limit is for that particular pitcher you know he's a little tired winded and now let's say the go ahead of the winning run is on second base and you take him out of the game and now you're bringing someone else then.

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