Salama, Marco Rubio, Starbucks discussed on The Jordan Harbinger Show


Weird like the Prophet had it beards are going to have a beard and it's like you know later on people ended up telling me it's like well you know the prophet camels alerts your buddy yeah you know so his and I just waved to the guy and he replies to me while he comes Salama it's like I don't know why I don't know why they need to do that I think they should open it up to people and just experience it because people want to I would check it out yeah I had a friend invite me to jet I was like oh it's really it get in with you would be able to get in with it and I'd have to learn you wouldn't know no buddy whatever the APP is funding some people are like you know don't turn it into a like a tourist haven yeah but it's like have you seen the most already beat the Muslims there is like there's HAL KFC like right there like I mean and people flocked to it ACA and starbucks no that I dealt he'd have that uncovered woman though on the cop probably have to like black Marco Rubio starbucks Gab with a full niqab that's right yeah they could do that that might not have the.

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