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Let's get into a little bit of games specific stuff everything again. Obviously a nice run defense is a thing. I don't think it matters much in the long run. But this was for against a dolphin team that really doesn't Rush the ball that well. This was fairly surprised. Well, I just think it comes back to the fact that really all year long. I've kind of thought that flying under the radar was the Patriots lack of first and down first and second down Edge Defenders game that can really said a sturdy edge of that's the scheme that they're going to continue to run moving forward and they're not going to go to some of these one gabbing penetrating style defense has that we see more and more across the NFL if they're going to stick to the boss two gabbing style. They are going to have to upgrade at Edge this offseason whether it's a guy in free agency that they bring in or someone like that and I think last year was Van Noy and Collins and and suck on and so forth. I think we got a little bit. I don't know. I think Bill thought that he could plug in play certain guys there like a Simon like some of the rookies like a winovich and it just hasn't really worked out that way. So I yeah, yeah, and and that I think has been the linebacker level is a problem too. I think really the whole front seven needs an upgrade in a lot of spots and they could use a nose tackle. Certainly that could eat up some blocks in the song. Along with Lawrence guy, but not being able to set the edge of the defense and really failing multiple times and doing that today. That was a big big problem for them against the Rams as well. It's been a problem all year. The Niners game with the Niners ran all over him that was often off the edge or attacking those Edge Defenders. So guys like John Simon, you know, he's a great Patriot. He's at that lunch pail type of guy bring the heart hath to work all that kind of stuff. But at the same time that player maybe works out a little bit better when you have a Dante Hightower and you have a Kyle Van Noy and you have Jamie Collins you have guys on the defensive or I can defeat box. And now when they don't have that Talent around a John Simon is easily exposed and if somebody that's a little bit, you know more in the conversation as like a regular every-down player, which has been a major concern on the edge setting setting the end of the defense against the Run. We all want to talk about why when if it doesn't laying why would if it doesn't play well that big thirty five yarder you can see that's cool. Winovich isn't playing. He got bullied right off. The ball doesn't do enough dream aswell yet. You know, I mean it is what it is. Right? And and that's just a this front seven of the defense was a concern going into a year. It was a concern all season long and then it kind of figured itself out in certain matchups against Baltimore against Arizona. They had some good run defense games, but they'll big picture and large picture is that the run defense in the front seven needs a lot of fine-tuning in the offseason. That's for

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